Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New E.L.F Haul

Hey my lovely bellas,
I recieved my order from e.l.f last week (which it was really fast) and I just cannot wait to do a quick haul for you guys. Well you guys can see that the pictures said it all. I don't have to explain each individual products except may be a bit of review of how is everything so far.

First of all, sorry but I lost the picture for Mineral Eyeshadow primer, but I am thinking of doing a review on it soon when I start using them.
Now let me start on the shipping. My order was exactly $10 and it comes in about 5 days which was really quick. All of my products are $1 each except the eye primer which is $3.
I decided to try out their new $1 lipstick in seductive and $1 shimmer eyeliner pencil in plum passion.

This is an amzing eyeliner. The brushes is strong and hard. It is very easy to apply, though take about 1-3 min to dry. Again with my folded lid I have to wait for it to dry or it will transfer and turn my eyes into a racoon. It has great staying power. Nothing beats $1 eyeliner.   

This is my gift and I love the packaging.  It so sleek and pretty. But to tell you the truth, I don't know what to use it for. I tried it as eyeliner and it look so awkward. I tried to apply it on my water line, but kinda hard to make it stay on. It make as a great base for eyeshadow though. Also it dries really fast and truly stay on your lid. I just need to figure out a way to use it properly.
I love the lipstick scent and the consistency. It goes on smoothly and it is very pigmented. However, the color appear way more darker than online. For me it was a bit bold, so a nude pigmented gloss would go well with this.

This is also very pigmented. A dark shimmery plum color which gives out very nice subtle look. But to warn you...if you have folded lids and oily lids, add a primer and either translucent powder or a shadow on top to make it stay. This does not seem to smudge that much.  

I cannot say much yet since I only use it once, though love the smell.

For $1 mascara, I think this is so awesome. Both does their job, it make my lashes look longer and bolder. The waterproof side really work. It is even hard to clean with eyemakeup remover.
I guess I don't have much to say about this eyeshadow cream because it does its job: act as a base and quite pigmented. To warn you, the dark brown is very similar to the dark cream call Butter Pecan in their collection. But the lighter side gives a very nice purplish color.
This blush (SHY) is so small I was kinda disappointed. Plus, it is really sheer. However, if you start to build up, it truly gives you that very light natural pink cheek with a bit of shimmer. However, be very light handed because it cause loose powder everywhere.
There you have quick haul. If you have tried elf products, give me your opinions.

And Until next time....Good Bye...

Minnie Mouse Inspired Nail tutorial...

Hey my lovely friends,

This is a nail tutorial that I have been wanting to upload for you guys. This is very easy to achieve, but do need to take a little bit of time to practice. So let's get started.
1. You want to apply a base coat of your choice.
2. Apply 2-3 coat of red or fuchsia color ( Sally Hansen Fuchsia Bling Bling Diamond Strength). Apply as a french tip, use tape as a guide for perfect straight lines.
3. When all your nails dry. Apply white dots using the ends of a bobby pin (Wet n' Wild French tips White)
4. Apply black lines under the french tips using L.A colors Art Deco in Black.
5. Take time and let everything dry for 10-15 min. Apply your top coat.

And VOILA!! This is really simple. I hope you enjoy recreating this look. This is not only inspired by Minnie Mouse but it is inspired by my favorite guru on YT: cutepolish.Please subscribe to her. She have amazing nail art looks.  It was difficult for me to draw a perfect bow, so I decided straight line can add the same cuteness. I got a lot of compliment on my nails at work. Customers were asking if I have done it on my own. And this is the first time that my nails last for a bout a week.

Physician Formula Review and Swatches

Smokey Brown eyes collection (left) ; Enhanced Hazel eyes Pop collection (right)

Hey everyone,

I have been wanting to do a review of Physician Formula Shimmering Strips for a long time. These are the pictures that I took long ago when I purchased these products. So...Let's go straight into what I think about these products 

1. Very nice and appealing packaging. The cases are very sturdy.
2. Come in great variety of sets for individual eyes color and each set have great variety of shadows.
3. You can create smokey or neutral eyelooks within one set.
4. Though all shadows seem to be shimmery, some appear to be more frosty or matte (which I like!). 
5. Available at Target or Drugstores near you. 
6. More color in one pallete, which is easier to carry around.
7. Color is easy to blend, but don't blend out too hard.

1. A little bit expensive around $10 per pallete, but I got a coupon for BOGOFree
2. Some shadows are very pigmented, but some are not. Some are just disappear when you blend the color. 
3. I prefer the Smokey collection rather the Hazel eyes because the color appear like how it looks. 
4. Though Hazel eyes has color that can be use for everyday. (which is not really a cons)
5. Require eye primer and a base to make the color really pop.
6. I notice that these won't last that long on my lids (throughout the day) since I have oily lids and folded lids.

Overall, I like it more than I hate it. I noticed that I used them more often for work. However, I will not repurchase it even if I have the money since I feel that with cheaper products I can still get the same effect.      

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hurrry UPPP!!

Hey guys,

I just want to leave you guys a quick message that I am still here, and I am not leaving my blog forever. It is just that I have been working so much I just simply wear out everyday when I get home. Therefore, I do not have anytime to post up any thing new. Right now...I want to give you guys a quick news....Anyone who wants free shipping and a free gift from e.l.f then please head to I know that you won't save much with regular price items, but when you consider that there will be no shipping cost, you will save at least $7. Anyways....what you need to do is buy any item  that add up to $10 worth and apply the code TA2M for free shipping & a free gift. I don't know if every gift will be the same for every order but I know that mine is the new studio cream eyeliner in Ivory. Hey!! That cost $3 so I won't mind at all for buying $10 worth of products. I cannot wait for my products to come in!!!

This is a very late message to everyone and I am so sorry that while I am typing this, I think you guys have about a little less than one day to shop. Please forgive me for the late message. I did not know when it starts and I jus got the news yesterday.

Thanks guys...Au Revoir...