Saturday, September 26, 2009

Viva Woman VivaBella giveaway

I stumple upon this blog called Viva woman, and she is having a giveaway. She is giving amazing prizes so check it out and learn more.


New Update


How is everyone weekends? This is just a little update to let you guys know what I am doing. Well I am having my first exam for Microbiology. And oh no...I am so not ready yet. Ha ha ha. Well I been wanting to try out my luck by entering so many giveaways, I never won anything in my life except this one time. And it is just happened recently. I was so excited. Oh so kidish am I?

Well I also going to do service learning for a class in school, which is so cool. I got to work with children in preschool. Love it!!

Oh I am not getting any luck for getting viewers for my blog right now, so please if anyone viewing my blog, give me suggestion of what you want to see. I am open to a lot of things.

Alright see ya

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hi Everyone,

Youtube have been my friend ever since I start to follow all of the channels from amazing makeup gurus on Youtube. I have been subscibing to so many channels because I just love to learn about makeup. I have been gaining a lot of knowledge about makeup products, and tips to have flawless makeup looks. Moreover, I am really interested in hair tutorials because it is something I love to do. of the most inspired people that I love is Elessa. She owns the channel on Youtube which is Pursebuzz and her website is I love her because her personality is fun and warming. She is pretty and very talented. If you want to know a little bit about her, check out this website And be sure to subscribe to her channel, also follow her onto her website. She is also generous because she give out monthly prizes to people who subscribe and comment on her website.

Hope you have a nice day.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

3d origami-Penguin

Hi Everyone

THis is my first post, therefore, please do not mind the boringness. JK. Anyways, I like to do craft, so here is something I recently made. Love to show it to you guys. Hope you like it.
Alright Thanks
P.S: This is not my creation here is where I learn how to do it :