Friday, July 2, 2010

Head Out to Walgreens right away!!!

Hi Everyone,

I just want to make this quick update post because I finally have some free time where I can sit down and relax for a bit. I hope that next week I won't be working over time anymore. I have been staying at work from 10am-9pm everyday. Next week, I decided that I need to go home early so I will have time to prepare for a test.

So now is a quick update about my giveaway....Susan via Susies1955 have email me back for her address. I will send out the packages asap when I go to work on Monday. I will update on that if something change.

Also, I am so sorry to give you guys such a late news, but better late than never right? Or something like that...hahaha So I heard from Noveau Cheap that there is a coupon for 99cents Sinful Color nail polish in Walgreens circular this week. The sad thing is she said that not all Walgreens has this deal, therefore you have to go to your local Walgreens to check the circular in the store. One other way to check is to go on Walgreens website and click on the weekly ads tab, they will ask you to type in your zipcode. If you be able to see the coupon in that ad, then it means that your local Walgreens does have this promo. You can print out the coupon too!! Anyways, if you want cheap decent nail polishes, then head out to your Walgreens. This deal ends tomorro, I am so sorry to give this deal to you so late. I went to my Walgreens to check today and I am glad I got 2 more nail polishes. I will do a review and some swatches too. However, I am not as happy with Sinful Color collection because all of their colors are darker. There are not much light color. My mom hate me for wearing dark polishes. Oh...And also, Wet n' Wild is also on sale, if you buy one you get another one 50% off. I think it is not that bad.

I hope you guys will be able to take advantage of these deals. Happy July 4th!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

ENTER this Awesome giveaway plss!

I hope you guys will enter Susie's Home and Hobbies giveaway.

I love love the prizes. And I actually think she is a great nail expert. hahaha

Yay!!! Enjoy the giveaway everyone and also Good Luck to you guys.

Pinkbox Makeup Giveaway

Please support xAgnes,

I love her site. She is simple, cute, and fun to read.

I hope you enter.

Winner for my Giveaway

Hi everybody!

I want to say that I am so sorry that I have not been updating my blog lately. I just have been very busy with work, I work for 10-11 hours lately. I just have been wear out every night, and I am so worry for a upcoming test. I hope all of my work will worth the money on my paycheck. After nearly a month, I still have no idea how much is my salary. hahahah....Oh well, working is fun, but at the same time pretty crazy. My legs ache every night, and amazingly I still haven't loose any weight. Hmm...Oh welll...

Anywhos, there were so little people enter my giveaway. However, that does not matter. I have randomly chose the winner. There are only 7 legit comments. Two comments have been remove by the author, so I did not count that. Then I used to pick a number from 1-7, and the winning number will corespond with the name of the comment's author.
So the winner of my First GIVEAWAY is: 5 (which is)



I want to thank you susies1955, PoorCollegeStudent, and xAgnes who have enter my giveaway and support me through all this time.

I am grateful for all of yours comments. For me, it does not matter who win the prizes. I will always think of you guys my best friends in the whole world. Please don't be discourage and sad. I will have more giveaway. I wish to send each of you guy a small gift, but it is not possible for me. Please stay tune for future giveaway.

U guys are the best!!!

And the winner please contact me right away with FULL NAME and ADDRESS. After the end of Sunday (7/4/2010) , you have not contact me, then I will randomly choose another winner.


Love always, XOXOXO