Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I cannot wait until a new year, which means a new start and new goals to achieve. I feel so happy during this holiday. I just want to post up a haul for what I got during Christmas. Well I did not get a lot, but I was very happy. I got my first flat iron from Chi. I am so glad I got it as a present from my favorite aunt. Thank You Bac Mi and Nhi!! I am so happy to get it. Woo hoo, there is one more thing to cross off my wishlist. Ha ha haha. I also recieve a necklace from my cousin. I think it is so pretty. I also got some cash to spent from my grandpa and grandma, plus my aunt too.
Oh I went to Las Vegas for the last four days, and it was a pretty fun trip. Sorry, but I cannot share the pics with you guys. One thing that made me really mad about the trip was the allergic reaction that I got after Christmas day. I really have no idea if I got food allergic or a reaction to my makeup products. I am just mad because I have no idea how I got it. Anyways, overall, I feel very fortunate.

Anyways Happy New Year again, Wish everyone luck, and enjoy your New Year.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lip Balm With Attitude Review + GIVEAWAY!


I thought I should put this giveaway on my blog because it is so awesome. Please go to SarahhRush on Youtube, and subscribe to her. She is giving away 5 cool lip balm for her subscribers. Please be committed to her channels, do not unsubscribe.
Thank You

YouTube is my favorite place!!

Hi everyone,

I do not know if I have told you guys before, so I might repeat this again. Youtube is my favorite website. Not only you can go there for music, videos, and news, you can also go there for makeup product reviews, hauls, makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, and best of all Giveaways or Contests. I have to say whoever created the idea of giveaways on YT is so awesome. Anyways, I just want to tell everyone of you, who is interest in makeup or hair, make an account on youtube and start subscribing to all the gurus (Pls find my account: sweetpuppy120489, for you will gain all the access to all of the top gurus on YT).

I have to be honest with you guys. I do not wear makeup, but eversince I started subscribing to different gurus, I got so addicted to makeup and I am learning so much. I love to style hair too, so different gurus also teach you how. Also all of the gurus have giveaways, so you just need to support them by subscribe to their channels and watch their videos. Please I want to make it clear that do not just subscribe to someone for free things, you guys should support all of the gurus by leaving comments, requests, or ideas. I also want to say that please do not compare different gurus and leaving mean comments. They are not there to compete, but they are there to share what they know and teach you what you have not learned. I am Asian, so makeup is what I do not learn from my mom nor anyone else in my family. I know people might say " well styling hair is not that hard, why do you have to learn!!", but I think it is not easy at all.

From now on, I will try to post up some of the Youtube videos that I like and think that it will be beneficial for you guys to watch. I am not trying to promote anything nor I am being paid by anyone to do so. I just want to show those who are interesting in learning something new and at the same time showing people that there are so many talented gurus. I will also post up some giveaways, so you guys may be can have some products to try it out for free.

Here are some gurus: pursebuzz, xteeener, LaBelleMel31, SarahhRUSH, fafinettex3 and much more. Just makesure to visit my YT channels and you will see. (I do not make videos on YT, but I do recommended to visit it to see all of my subscription)

Thanks everyone!!!Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Woo hoo Finally Done with School!!

Hi everybody,

I am so glad that I am finish with school and officially have no more classes. Well, just for the winter break. I been so busy the last few days because of final and essay. I wish that I can come back to change my grade, but I guess it is too late. I am not doing that bad in school though. It is not straight As that is all. Oh well I am pretty excited about Christmas. This year it comes so much faster. I just had my birthday about two weeks ago. Now it is almost Christmas.

This year my family have not done any Christmas shopping at all. We are really on the budget because my dad does not work and my mom is only working part time. Well, not many of my family members buy present anyways. For a few years now, Christmas for our big family was just being together and having a great dinner.

This year I feel the urge to shop on E.L.F. If you guys do not know what it is, it is just a website that sell super super cheap makeup products, but with quality. I want it so bad because how can you beat makeup that is $1 and up. They do carried some of the more expensive products, but with their $1 line you will be crazily happy.I am still making my decision on what to buy though..ha ha

So about you guys...Are you done with school? How has your Christmas shopping been? Are you doing anything fun with friends and family? Are you going somewhere outside of you city or state? And how many presents have you recieved? Because for me I have none..Hoo hoo

Alright see you guys later...Have a nice day!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Baby It's Cold Outside!!"

Hi Everyone,

I got some time today, so I thought I should do a new post and may be some update on what is going on...

I am living in California right now, and it is getting so so so cold outside. I am inside my house for almost the whole day,but it is still crazily cold. It is so sad that the heater is broken. I have to layer on my clothes to keep myself warm. However, I just hate that my hand right now is freezzzzing. I feel so mad because putting on glove is just annoying. I cannot do anything with glove on. My hand is so cold, it is difficult to type on the laptop.

This week I got the whole week off,except on Monday, because final is next week. I suppose to study, but I am just feeling so lazy. I can get distracted easily, I have not get anything done for school. I cannot believe it, I have 2 big final papers to do, 1 smaller essay, and so many chapters to study for. I have done nothing. Oh I am such a procrastinator. (esp blogging right now)

I want school to be over already. I want to go shopping because there are many good deals out there. I wish to have more money to buy all of the things I have in mind. I am getting so addicted to makeup right now, I am always online to find good deals to buy. You cannot believe how much things I want. I don't even work, but I am becoming a shopaholic. I been looking for work, but I do not have any luck at all. You guys should check out your local Dollar Tree because they have famous drug store costmetic in stock. I just heard from another person that Rite Aid is having 75% clearance on some makeup products. (I hate myself for not driving. But makeup is only a part of what I want. I want this bundle sale of hair tools from a website. Then I want Konad nail art. There are so much more things. I am so greedy. ha ha ha

Umm let see what else, I am so excited because this year I got to go on a tour to Las Vegas during Christmas, or more like after Christmas day. I am looking forward to it, but I just hope that I will have fun.

Alright that is all I have to say for now....See Ya guys.

Monday, December 7, 2009

BFTE Mineral Makeup giveaway!!

Thanks to BFTE and Things Mom Like

I will get a chance to enter the giveaway. I always want to try all of the products. I love love the colors so much

So here is the chance for you to also win:


to have more instruction on how.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Everyday Mineral Giveaways

Me and Bella is having another giveaways!! This time she is giving away an Everday Minerals Winter Collection which consists of all the winter eyeshadows and an Eyeshadow Brush!!!

That is so so so cool. If you would like to enter please visit her blog (or click the button on the right side. Also visit to find your favorite products or find out more about info of the products.

Good Luck everyone!!