Thursday, December 24, 2009

YouTube is my favorite place!!

Hi everyone,

I do not know if I have told you guys before, so I might repeat this again. Youtube is my favorite website. Not only you can go there for music, videos, and news, you can also go there for makeup product reviews, hauls, makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, and best of all Giveaways or Contests. I have to say whoever created the idea of giveaways on YT is so awesome. Anyways, I just want to tell everyone of you, who is interest in makeup or hair, make an account on youtube and start subscribing to all the gurus (Pls find my account: sweetpuppy120489, for you will gain all the access to all of the top gurus on YT).

I have to be honest with you guys. I do not wear makeup, but eversince I started subscribing to different gurus, I got so addicted to makeup and I am learning so much. I love to style hair too, so different gurus also teach you how. Also all of the gurus have giveaways, so you just need to support them by subscribe to their channels and watch their videos. Please I want to make it clear that do not just subscribe to someone for free things, you guys should support all of the gurus by leaving comments, requests, or ideas. I also want to say that please do not compare different gurus and leaving mean comments. They are not there to compete, but they are there to share what they know and teach you what you have not learned. I am Asian, so makeup is what I do not learn from my mom nor anyone else in my family. I know people might say " well styling hair is not that hard, why do you have to learn!!", but I think it is not easy at all.

From now on, I will try to post up some of the Youtube videos that I like and think that it will be beneficial for you guys to watch. I am not trying to promote anything nor I am being paid by anyone to do so. I just want to show those who are interesting in learning something new and at the same time showing people that there are so many talented gurus. I will also post up some giveaways, so you guys may be can have some products to try it out for free.

Here are some gurus: pursebuzz, xteeener, LaBelleMel31, SarahhRUSH, fafinettex3 and much more. Just makesure to visit my YT channels and you will see. (I do not make videos on YT, but I do recommended to visit it to see all of my subscription)

Thanks everyone!!!Merry Christmas!!


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