Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Haul and Review of recent shopping trips

Hi Yall!!

This is my haul and a bit of review for the products I purchased. This is products that I bought from several trips to Dollar Tree, Target, Claire's, and Icing.

I went to Dollar Tree and Target on last Saturday. Then just last Sunday, I meet up with an old high school friend, Cassandra, at GM,which is a mall near my house. We end up buying stuff at Claire's and Icing. So here is some things I gathered up from my trips.

From Dollar tree, I got the two loose pigment from L.A. colors. These are not really good quality pigments, but I ended up getting them just for the heck of collecting these. This time I have swatches for both Sunshine and Lollipop. My photo wash out the color, so it won't appear as great as it is in reality. I got e.l.f ES primer underneath to intensify the color. Next time I will try foiling using water to see if it will work better. I also get a pack of bobby pins since I know it will be gone fast if I do not get them, and just in case I lose my existence ones(man I got tons right now, but never hurt to stock up).hee hee. There are 84 bobby pins that is very good saving. The bobby pins are pretty durable too.

This is what I got from Target. Remember that I told you guys e.l.f will be available at Target? So they are here!! I got so excited I wanted to grab everything. There are the $1 line and studio line available. Some items in both lines are not there, such as the e.l.f ES primer. However, there are plenty of stuff for you to choose from. I will come back to get more if I have money in the future. hahaha. This is all I could get. Oh forgot to say, a lot of items actually out of stock too,so it is a miss here and there from depend on yours Target. Below are the $1 items: Drama ES, waterproof eyeliner, and shine eraser.

Here is the swatches from the ES and eyeliner. The eyeshadow is great, you guys can see that the light silver is really sheer. I agreed! I really tried to pack it on but it still did not appear. I think it needed a silver base or may be foiling tech. The darker silver is very glittery, black and white is matt. This is excellent for smokey eye look. As for the eyeliner, it has the felt pointy tip application. Really like a marker. Easy to apply. Not really waterproof. You have to wait until it completely dry for it will not be smudged.

From Claire's I got two nail polishes, the green ponytail holders, and faux nails that is not in the picture. And my friend got the similar things, so we got all of them for $1 each. These are at their clearance section $10 for $10. We have to buy 10 to get the deal. At Icing, they have 5 for $10. My friend bought me the Icing white cream eyeshadow (the swatch is at the dollar tree swatches) and split me the red and black ponytail holders. They come in a ball. I think they are such a great deal.

So I think yall should head over to these stores and get these great deals! I will probably come back to shop for more if I have time and money.


e.l.f Coupon for Minerals

Hey Bellas,

I just recieved a coupon code from e.l.f for 50% off minerals line with the minimum purchased of $15. Here is the code: EGMINX

Click here to go to e.l.f

I think this is a great deal, eventhough, their products are already super cheap. I ever tried out their studio and mineral lines. I heard some good reviews from studio lines, but no one has talk about the mineral lines yet. If you guys would like to try it out, this is the opportunity since it is so cheap. Hope you enjoy shopping!!

Coming up: Haul and review from my recent shopping trips.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Prom Makeup and Hair Ideas

To continue the last Prom post, I decided to blog about makeup and hair ideas.

While writing this post, I was thinking a lot on what kind of makeup and hairstyles you guys can do for prom. There are so many so many videos on Youtube that you can choose from. I have to go through many videos from my favorite YT gurus to choose and pick out what can be appropriate for prom. This is a very fun post, and I love it when I see someone get dressup for an event, and what make me more exciting is when I get to do that person makeup and hair. I do not know if I have mentioned this before, I did my cousin's hair for a wedding, and then I did my cousin's and her friend's hair plus makeup for a Masquerade dance. I was super excited because it was my first time doing makeup and hair on someone, who had an event to go to. I did my sister hair before too for several events, but I am not the right makeup artist for her. Either I did really bad on her, or it it simply her eyeshape make her look so awkward with makeup. hahaha. Let's continue with the topic for this post. Here are the videos to help you get some ideas. PLease subscribe to these gurus, they are excellent.

Great Updo inspired by Miley Cyrus from itsjudytime

Sexy Victoria Secret Hair

Quick 2 Minute Updo

Makeup & Hair Tutorial: Silver/Black w/ Elegant Loose Messy Updo From MsLaBelleMel

Easy One Shade Smokey Eye From Makeup By RenRen

Sigma Makeup Neutral Shades Tutorial and Giveaway

How To Selena Gomez Naturally Hair Tutorial From pursebuzz

Hair Tutorial Carrie Underwood Cowboy Casanova 5 min Updo

Sparkling Neutral Mineral Makeup could not put in the video in here.

Meet Me Halfway Eyes and Make Up Black Eyed Peas Look

Wedding Makeup Tutorial Style 1 From xteeener

Midnight Sparkle Tutorial

Smokey Royal Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial

I think this is enough ideas for you guys to see. Moreover, these gurus have more videos that can help you guys. Just click in their name and subscribe to them. They are excellent and talented gurus.

I was thinking of posting nail tutorials, but I think just keep your nails match your dress, or do french mani, or just keep light and sheer color on them. You do not want to over power the whole outfit.

Hope you guys have fun. Enjoy your night!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A little bit of cooking for yous!!

Hi everybody

Today my mom decided to make this dish that I haven't ate for a long time. Techincally I really did not miss it, but I think that it kinda nice to get to eat this once in a while. Well, I thought that I should post this dish up to share with everyone. I could not really give you guys the recipe because my mom never cook with recipe and me too. We mostly try it so that it fit our tastebuds and it really become a habit that we never measure anything. So I guess I'll kinda give you guys a guideline.

Ingredients: Yam or sweet potato, shirmp or squid,any frying batter that you like or batter mix that you can find in Asian market, lettuce, fresh herb, salt, pepper, sugar, oil, fish sauce, vinegar, red asian pepper or chili sauce, garlics and shallots.

Sorry for the very random and ugly pics. I could not take any good one because my parents think it is crazy to post up pictures like this. hahaha. I have to secretly take these

Alright here is how you can do this dish called "Frying Yam with Squid". Usually this dish is made with shrimp, but today my mom has squid at home so she substitutes it for shrimp.

1. Prep squid. We always wash our meat, so make sure it is clean.
2. Marinate squid (about 1 pound). Chop 3-6 cloves of garlic and 1-3 shallots,add about 2 tsp of sugar; if the squid is already salty then don't add salt, if not add about 1-3 tsp of salt. Then add black pepper and about 1 Tsp of oil. Mix it all together with the squid. Let it sit for about 5 min. You can do this step the same with shrimp.
3. Prep 1-2 M size yams, thinly slice it as shown below.
4. Prep the batter as shown on the package, or use your favorite frying batter from online. I also add one egg into the batter even though it is not required.
5. Since we are frying there should be plenty of oil, but do not fill it as deep fry,just about 1/3 of the pan.
6. When the batter is finish, dump the squid into the batter (make sure you get a big bowl to mix the batter in)then you may slowly add your thinly sliced yam in also. Usually you should make extra batter for this dish to make sure that you have enough to coat everything and to make it like a pancake. Mix the whole thing together and make sure everything should be coated with batter.
7. Set your stove at medium heat. Wait until the oil is hot (to test, use a chopstick and dip it in the oil, if bubble forming around the chopstick, it means the oil is hot enough).
8. Use a big spoon, scoop up the batter and use chopstick to pick up 3 pieces of squid, a bunch of yam into the spoon. Slowly place this spoon into the hot oil while removing the content out the the spoon. This will look like you are making pancake in a differnet way. Each side should take about 2-3 min. (see the image below to get the idea). The frying will take a while, and be warn, oil will splatter around.
9. While waiting to let this fry, make the sauce, you can either eat them with ketchup, sweet and sour sauce, or any sauce you have. I prefer to make dipping fish sauce. Use 1 part of fish sauce, 1 part of sugar, 1 part of vinegar, and 2 part of water to mix all together.However,first chop about 3 cloves of garlic, then add the 1part sugar in. Mix it all together first with may be red hot chili pepper, or chili sauce. Then add the rest of the ingredient together. Mix together and it will taste amazing.

here is the thinly slice yam

While frying this

Here is the finish products. They look a little bit burn, but they are sure taste great.

I love these vegetable and herbs.

When you are finish frying, eat it with lettuce and herb, or rice noddle (vermicelli). Use the lettuce like seaweed. Break off the piece of frying squid and roll it with the herbs inside the lettuce. Dip it in the sauce and voila, you got this Vietnamese dish to eat.

Yumm Yumm Yum!! Love it. Hope you guys can recreate this.

Chuc Ban an ngon mieng!! Good Luck. Have a nice meal.

Prom and dance season!! Are you ready?

I know that I am already in college, but it's never hurt to put up some ideas for highschool girls. I went on to Seventeen Magazine website and was just looking for any update on hair tutorials. Somehow I click on the prom tabs. Ha haha. THen I was surprised of an article title "Prom dresses under $100". Lately, I think prom dresses have became more simple, but still elegant. And definitely cute for you to wear to prom. Some dresses can be interchangeable to any events. You can either dress up by adding bold or simple accessories, elegant hairstyles, and wear heels or wedges. You can dress down by wearing shirts underneath the dress and add leggings, jeans, shorts, permuda or capris; wearing shoes such as flats, pumps,boots, or sandals; have normal straight hair; pair with a big slouchy handbag; there you can have fun going shopping with your friends. However, depending on the theme of the dance, you might want to find more expensive dresses to fit the occasion. Here is just a general ideas for those who want to save money and still get pretty dresses. I am big on saving money, and big on getting quality out of items that I purchased. I know $100 is a lot of money, but most of the dresses that I saw on several websites are around $50. Isn't the price still a good deal? So I'll put some pictures here and also the links to websites where you can buy them.

First off, Wetseal:

Scarf Print Tank Dress - Teen Clothing by Wet Seal

Ballerina Sequin Dress - Teen Clothing by Wet Seal

Charlotte Russe:

Charlotte Russe - Black Floral Tube Dress

Charlotte Russe - Striped Contrast Tube Dress

Hot Miami Styles: (most of the dresses are so revealing, I have to choose those that are not)

Fuchsia Satin Knee Length Dress

Trendy Clothes for Women | Fashionable Clothes | Nightclub Clothes

Trendy Clothes for Women | Fashionable Clothes | Nightclub Clothes

Forever 21

Forever21.com - Dresses - 2079408024

Forever21.com - Dresses - 2072722986

Forever21.com - Dresses - 2071723365


I'm A Lady Dress - $37.00 : Fashion Solid Color at LuLus.com

Silver Screen Dress - $37.00 : Fashion Solid Color at LuLus.com

Lincoln Center Dress - $46.00 : Fashion Strapless at LuLus.com


strapless-polka-dot-tie-back-dress BLACK WHITE - GoJane.com

belted-rose-print-strapless-dress BLACK WHITE - GoJane.com




Finally I am done with the whole list. It take me like 2 hours to put all of this together. Hope you guys like it.

Thanks and see ya. I'll probably post another post for Prom hair, makeup, and accessories ideas.

Have a nice day.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A true story that touch your heart to treasure love...

I want to share with you guys a story that I have read on Cinthia Truong via EbeautyBlog.com

I do not know why and how, I suddenly remember her blog. I have been reading her blog even before I know what blog is and before I make my own blog. She is my first guru that I learned how to do hair from. Tonight, I was just wondering around on the web and suddenly remember that I have save her blog link on my Fav list. I forgot about her for a while (must have been a year or so) now since she was not updating much information, and I was also busy with school. Now I came back and so many things have changed. Ooh I should catch up to her blog.

Anyways, this story really touch my heart and it makes me cry while reading it. I think some of you might have read it before, but I want to put it up anyways. This story really make me think about love. We should always treasure love and be happy of what you have and be happy no matter who you are. This is so touching that make me wish my love with someone will be eternal and my love for someone will never end (I don't have a boyfriend, just wishing this for the future...hee hee). I will post the link here so you can go to Cinthia's blog.


Thursday, March 18, 2010


After weeks of sleepless nights, after hours of having stress, after numerous assignments have due, I finally can have a nice Thursday night to relax and forget about school.

I am not complaining about anything for school right now because it is what it is, and I simply have to accept it. However, I feel frustrated a bit about myself since I decided to get a minor in Child Development. Please do not get me wrong that I hate it! I do love children and love to learn about them, but I have this problem that I think everyone should know. I am not a good writer and I have major problems in writing. Yes! You probably think that “No wonder why..." my previous posts were horrible. Let me tell you a bit about my bio:

I came to America for 9 years now. My first year living here, I was struggling so much in speaking, writing, and reading English. I think my most disadvantage was I did not get that much knowledge of English when I was still living in Vietnam. It was also my fault that I am not a big reader. Reading is something I really hate and no matter which school you go to nor what level of school you are at, you cannot avoid reading and it is just so important to develop language. When I came to America, watching TV is something I really enjoyed and still enjoy until today, but not much anymore since internet become the big thing for Teens. I learn to speak, write, and read by watching TV. I remember my middle school teacher telling my dad that I should watch TV to get me started on learning English, even though reading is also important. I do not know why I am not a big reader, but I do read books on my own if it is interesting. I remember back from middle school I used to go to the library to borrow books that teach you how to do craft. I just love them so much, and I was being yelled at for not reading more stories books and text books rather than craft book. Ha ha ha. However, that come out to be a good thing because craft became my hobby and I got really good at doing it. Well I notice that I do enjoy reading books that are scary, adventurous, mysterious, and books that somewhat relate to me. I remember that I love reading those series of Goosebumps. There were a lot of books I read in school that I also like, such as books from John Steinbeck, To Kill the Mockingbird, The Grapes of Wrath, and even more. I know some of you might say that I am crazy, but I love love love Harry Potter, in which I read all of them in my freshman year of college. It's just that I never find the time to read them before. I think it is amazing. I own two or three books from the series since I got it so cheap at the library. Recently, I came upon the book "Catfish and Mandala" by Andrew Pham. My sister read it for school, and so I borrow it to read. The book really interests me because it is about Vietnamese. Unfortunately, I have not finish this book since school has been such a hectic. I really recommended this book, especially for Vietnamese.

Well back to my writing problem, I cannot write when I am under pressure. Blogging is starting to be my favorite hobby. I love blogging so much because it just really give me practice in writing. When I blog, I really just want to write for myself as a diary and for someone who interesting in reading. I am also blogging about my new favorite hobby, which is learning how to do makeup and hair. However, for school, I just feel so much pressure since I have to write for a grade, write to past my classes, and write for my future. NO...I do not major in literature, but my school requires writing in every class. My weakness is just really having a weak foundation of writing in English; especially grammar is a big problem for me. I really try to keep practicing writing to better myself.

Therefore, please be open-minded when you guys read my blog, I tried to give a lot of updates on what I learned about hair and makeup. I know I have not put up many post about them, but I tried to do it when I get more experience working with them. I just cannot do makeup and hair on my own, so I have to wait to get models to work on them. Hee hee.

After next week I will have Springbreak, so I think I will have more time to post something interesting. Next week I still have two exams and a writing assignment,so I cannot really post anything up. I got to work harder in school, because I really hate getting bad grades.

Alright, may be I'll post something up tomorrow if I go out shopping.

Thanks for reading guys.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

So ready for Spring Break!! Just blogging...

Hi guys and girls,

This last week have been so crazy for me. I had an exam, a writing assignment, and a presentation that all happened on Thursday. I was so stress for the whole week. I was barely had enough time to study for the test, to write the assignment, and to do the presentation. I felt worse after Thursday. I felt that I missed too much questions on my exam, did not write that well on the essay, and my speech for the presentation was terrible. I was like OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! Not only I got so much pressure for the assignments due last week, I was also feeling super super stress for finding parents to interview for an assignment due on this coming Tuesday.

Man oh Man, I was glad that the weekend came. However, time past by too fast, I am now getting my stress back for this week. I will have the assigment due on Tues, an exam on Wed, and a short research paper due on Thur. School is so suck. Why do we have to suffer so much..Hee hee. Still, I am glad that the parents-interview work out. After two days of worries, after two days spending time at the library, after two days looking for parents, I finally have answers for all the questions from my interviewers. Truly, I was freaking out because I thought my interviewers will not reply back in time for me to write. Now I am half less worry for that paper. But this is causing my face to break out horribly, and I got so much blemishes for not have time taking care of it.

I will be super busy for the next two weeks. Exams are coming up again. I'm hanging on tight until Spring Break. Woo hoo. I cannot wait. I need a break from school. Spring should be my favorite season, but not anymore. I feel that things always go wrong during Spring semester eversince I start college. ha ha Imagination!! Well until then, I might be off from blog for a bit. I am suppose to be studying right now, instead of blogging. Oh well, crazy me.

Good Luck everyone, I am so needed that.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Follow April!

Hi everyone,

I just want to put the words out there...Please follow April on Youtube and her blog: http://aprilathena7.blogspot.com/2010/03/lush-nyx-hello-kitty-accessoriessigma.html.

I follow her for a while now, and she definitely have very fun review and haul videos. I would be great for you to watch her video. She always have great prizes for giveaways. The link above it her current giveaway. Please subsribe to her on YT. Support her please...do not just simple subsribe for free stuff.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Desperate need help!!

Can someone help me with my school paper? I need to find two families for doing interview with them. I need to find parents who have children at the age of 1 to 2-1/2 yrs old. This is for a Child Development class. If anyone know any parents, please help. My paper due next Tuesday, and I am out of option. My sources back out on me. I am desperate in needing help. The criteria is parents with children specifically at the age of 1-2 yrs old.

Help help pls. If anyone pls message me back ASAP

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another great contest to enter!!!

I have not done a post about contest in a long time. So please enter this contest if you would like to win BFTE cosmetic and jewerly. Please follow Suzie Homemaker blog!!!