Thursday, March 18, 2010


After weeks of sleepless nights, after hours of having stress, after numerous assignments have due, I finally can have a nice Thursday night to relax and forget about school.

I am not complaining about anything for school right now because it is what it is, and I simply have to accept it. However, I feel frustrated a bit about myself since I decided to get a minor in Child Development. Please do not get me wrong that I hate it! I do love children and love to learn about them, but I have this problem that I think everyone should know. I am not a good writer and I have major problems in writing. Yes! You probably think that “No wonder why..." my previous posts were horrible. Let me tell you a bit about my bio:

I came to America for 9 years now. My first year living here, I was struggling so much in speaking, writing, and reading English. I think my most disadvantage was I did not get that much knowledge of English when I was still living in Vietnam. It was also my fault that I am not a big reader. Reading is something I really hate and no matter which school you go to nor what level of school you are at, you cannot avoid reading and it is just so important to develop language. When I came to America, watching TV is something I really enjoyed and still enjoy until today, but not much anymore since internet become the big thing for Teens. I learn to speak, write, and read by watching TV. I remember my middle school teacher telling my dad that I should watch TV to get me started on learning English, even though reading is also important. I do not know why I am not a big reader, but I do read books on my own if it is interesting. I remember back from middle school I used to go to the library to borrow books that teach you how to do craft. I just love them so much, and I was being yelled at for not reading more stories books and text books rather than craft book. Ha ha ha. However, that come out to be a good thing because craft became my hobby and I got really good at doing it. Well I notice that I do enjoy reading books that are scary, adventurous, mysterious, and books that somewhat relate to me. I remember that I love reading those series of Goosebumps. There were a lot of books I read in school that I also like, such as books from John Steinbeck, To Kill the Mockingbird, The Grapes of Wrath, and even more. I know some of you might say that I am crazy, but I love love love Harry Potter, in which I read all of them in my freshman year of college. It's just that I never find the time to read them before. I think it is amazing. I own two or three books from the series since I got it so cheap at the library. Recently, I came upon the book "Catfish and Mandala" by Andrew Pham. My sister read it for school, and so I borrow it to read. The book really interests me because it is about Vietnamese. Unfortunately, I have not finish this book since school has been such a hectic. I really recommended this book, especially for Vietnamese.

Well back to my writing problem, I cannot write when I am under pressure. Blogging is starting to be my favorite hobby. I love blogging so much because it just really give me practice in writing. When I blog, I really just want to write for myself as a diary and for someone who interesting in reading. I am also blogging about my new favorite hobby, which is learning how to do makeup and hair. However, for school, I just feel so much pressure since I have to write for a grade, write to past my classes, and write for my future. NO...I do not major in literature, but my school requires writing in every class. My weakness is just really having a weak foundation of writing in English; especially grammar is a big problem for me. I really try to keep practicing writing to better myself.

Therefore, please be open-minded when you guys read my blog, I tried to give a lot of updates on what I learned about hair and makeup. I know I have not put up many post about them, but I tried to do it when I get more experience working with them. I just cannot do makeup and hair on my own, so I have to wait to get models to work on them. Hee hee.

After next week I will have Springbreak, so I think I will have more time to post something interesting. Next week I still have two exams and a writing assignment,so I cannot really post anything up. I got to work harder in school, because I really hate getting bad grades.

Alright, may be I'll post something up tomorrow if I go out shopping.

Thanks for reading guys.


  1. great post! I admire your hard work at school, especially with a language barrier. Good luck on your assignments!

  2. You have support me and motivate me to keep writing. Thank you so much