Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Haul and Review of recent shopping trips

Hi Yall!!

This is my haul and a bit of review for the products I purchased. This is products that I bought from several trips to Dollar Tree, Target, Claire's, and Icing.

I went to Dollar Tree and Target on last Saturday. Then just last Sunday, I meet up with an old high school friend, Cassandra, at GM,which is a mall near my house. We end up buying stuff at Claire's and Icing. So here is some things I gathered up from my trips.

From Dollar tree, I got the two loose pigment from L.A. colors. These are not really good quality pigments, but I ended up getting them just for the heck of collecting these. This time I have swatches for both Sunshine and Lollipop. My photo wash out the color, so it won't appear as great as it is in reality. I got e.l.f ES primer underneath to intensify the color. Next time I will try foiling using water to see if it will work better. I also get a pack of bobby pins since I know it will be gone fast if I do not get them, and just in case I lose my existence ones(man I got tons right now, but never hurt to stock up).hee hee. There are 84 bobby pins that is very good saving. The bobby pins are pretty durable too.

This is what I got from Target. Remember that I told you guys e.l.f will be available at Target? So they are here!! I got so excited I wanted to grab everything. There are the $1 line and studio line available. Some items in both lines are not there, such as the e.l.f ES primer. However, there are plenty of stuff for you to choose from. I will come back to get more if I have money in the future. hahaha. This is all I could get. Oh forgot to say, a lot of items actually out of stock too,so it is a miss here and there from depend on yours Target. Below are the $1 items: Drama ES, waterproof eyeliner, and shine eraser.

Here is the swatches from the ES and eyeliner. The eyeshadow is great, you guys can see that the light silver is really sheer. I agreed! I really tried to pack it on but it still did not appear. I think it needed a silver base or may be foiling tech. The darker silver is very glittery, black and white is matt. This is excellent for smokey eye look. As for the eyeliner, it has the felt pointy tip application. Really like a marker. Easy to apply. Not really waterproof. You have to wait until it completely dry for it will not be smudged.

From Claire's I got two nail polishes, the green ponytail holders, and faux nails that is not in the picture. And my friend got the similar things, so we got all of them for $1 each. These are at their clearance section $10 for $10. We have to buy 10 to get the deal. At Icing, they have 5 for $10. My friend bought me the Icing white cream eyeshadow (the swatch is at the dollar tree swatches) and split me the red and black ponytail holders. They come in a ball. I think they are such a great deal.

So I think yall should head over to these stores and get these great deals! I will probably come back to shop for more if I have time and money.


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  1. hehe I really must steal that eyeshadow from you XD I didn't know it was going to be that cool >.> but then I love mine too so perhaps I'll let you keep it XD I must check out this e.l.f stuff...you just might get me back into makeup dang you XD