Sunday, March 14, 2010

So ready for Spring Break!! Just blogging...

Hi guys and girls,

This last week have been so crazy for me. I had an exam, a writing assignment, and a presentation that all happened on Thursday. I was so stress for the whole week. I was barely had enough time to study for the test, to write the assignment, and to do the presentation. I felt worse after Thursday. I felt that I missed too much questions on my exam, did not write that well on the essay, and my speech for the presentation was terrible. I was like OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! Not only I got so much pressure for the assignments due last week, I was also feeling super super stress for finding parents to interview for an assignment due on this coming Tuesday.

Man oh Man, I was glad that the weekend came. However, time past by too fast, I am now getting my stress back for this week. I will have the assigment due on Tues, an exam on Wed, and a short research paper due on Thur. School is so suck. Why do we have to suffer so much..Hee hee. Still, I am glad that the parents-interview work out. After two days of worries, after two days spending time at the library, after two days looking for parents, I finally have answers for all the questions from my interviewers. Truly, I was freaking out because I thought my interviewers will not reply back in time for me to write. Now I am half less worry for that paper. But this is causing my face to break out horribly, and I got so much blemishes for not have time taking care of it.

I will be super busy for the next two weeks. Exams are coming up again. I'm hanging on tight until Spring Break. Woo hoo. I cannot wait. I need a break from school. Spring should be my favorite season, but not anymore. I feel that things always go wrong during Spring semester eversince I start college. ha ha Imagination!! Well until then, I might be off from blog for a bit. I am suppose to be studying right now, instead of blogging. Oh well, crazy me.

Good Luck everyone, I am so needed that.


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