Saturday, March 27, 2010

Prom Makeup and Hair Ideas

To continue the last Prom post, I decided to blog about makeup and hair ideas.

While writing this post, I was thinking a lot on what kind of makeup and hairstyles you guys can do for prom. There are so many so many videos on Youtube that you can choose from. I have to go through many videos from my favorite YT gurus to choose and pick out what can be appropriate for prom. This is a very fun post, and I love it when I see someone get dressup for an event, and what make me more exciting is when I get to do that person makeup and hair. I do not know if I have mentioned this before, I did my cousin's hair for a wedding, and then I did my cousin's and her friend's hair plus makeup for a Masquerade dance. I was super excited because it was my first time doing makeup and hair on someone, who had an event to go to. I did my sister hair before too for several events, but I am not the right makeup artist for her. Either I did really bad on her, or it it simply her eyeshape make her look so awkward with makeup. hahaha. Let's continue with the topic for this post. Here are the videos to help you get some ideas. PLease subscribe to these gurus, they are excellent.

Great Updo inspired by Miley Cyrus from itsjudytime

Sexy Victoria Secret Hair

Quick 2 Minute Updo

Makeup & Hair Tutorial: Silver/Black w/ Elegant Loose Messy Updo From MsLaBelleMel

Easy One Shade Smokey Eye From Makeup By RenRen

Sigma Makeup Neutral Shades Tutorial and Giveaway

How To Selena Gomez Naturally Hair Tutorial From pursebuzz

Hair Tutorial Carrie Underwood Cowboy Casanova 5 min Updo

Sparkling Neutral Mineral Makeup could not put in the video in here.

Meet Me Halfway Eyes and Make Up Black Eyed Peas Look

Wedding Makeup Tutorial Style 1 From xteeener

Midnight Sparkle Tutorial

Smokey Royal Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial

I think this is enough ideas for you guys to see. Moreover, these gurus have more videos that can help you guys. Just click in their name and subscribe to them. They are excellent and talented gurus.

I was thinking of posting nail tutorials, but I think just keep your nails match your dress, or do french mani, or just keep light and sheer color on them. You do not want to over power the whole outfit.

Hope you guys have fun. Enjoy your night!!


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