Saturday, September 25, 2010

Need Help and quick saving at RiteAid

First, I just want to tell you guys to head over to Rite Aid right away to get Wet n' Wild deal. They are having 3/$1.95 on all of the $.99 items. I believe that it will end tomorrow 9/25. So please please head over to RA and get this awesome deal. I caved in and got 3 items and there will be haul, review, and swatches soon.

Now, I need all of you guys to help teach me blog 101. I am trying to fix up my blog a bit by adding some more feature. Can you guys tell me which I need to add and may be how I can add them? I am so clueless at blog design and it take me forever to learn. I do not have much time. So if you guys can give me a hand, I will appreciated this a lot.

Thanks everyone.

Friday, September 24, 2010

L.A. Colors-Color Craze Polishes

Hi my lovely friend,

I just discovered L.A. Colors Color Craze not long ago. I heard about this from a guru, and I spotted them at my local Dollar Tree. I actually have to say that this is a hit and miss for DT shopper. You have to be persistent to watch out for these nail polishes. They can easily be out of stock. However, I do know that they have been on shelf for couple of times now.

So lets get started.....


I am so sorry for the blurry picture. This is a beautiful royal blue nail polish with a hint of shimmery. I love love love this blue. I would never think of wearing blue nail polish, but I just cannot skip this color when I see it in store.
_Lovely blue with with iridescent effect. Not shown unless light shine on it.
_Not streaky at all.
_The length of the brush is short so there is more precision.
_Amazingly fast drying for each coat
_2 coats are pretty enough
_Long lasting with topcoat
_So far nothing, except I find that the cap is kind bulky for easier grip on.


This silver is the first one I bought because I just need a silver polish.
_So pretty iridescent silver, not chunky glitter
_1 coats can do the job
_Long lasting
_Dry super quick
_Not streaky at all

1 coat

I super love Electrified. I am so sorry that the flash picture shown the wrong color of this polish. It is not reddish tone, this is a pinkish magenta iridescent color.
_Not creamy formula, and not sheer either
_It just need one coat, that is all, it show the exact color on the bottle
_Dry quick
_Last long
_Not streaky

I truly love this product. I could not believe that L.A. Colors have such good formula for their polishes. I believe that they have a very wide range of colors for this line. They do have regular line, but I have not try them yet. The sad thing is DT does not carry that much shades. They are very limited. I should just snatch up all of the color they have, but I think I will have to gone on a hungry strike after that. hee hee. However, if you like to buy them, you can also find them at Cherry Culture

 Have you tried this brand? Do you think you will try them? Leave a comment below please

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wet N' Wild Polishes Review

Hi my bellas,

I want to do a quick review of the great Wet N' Wild-Wild Shine Nail Color. I bought all of the Wet n' Wild nail polishes when they were on sale for just $.79 at Waggs. I could just not pass up the opportunity, I don't think there is a lot of time that you can find cheap nail polishes right?
So let's get on to the review and swatches first:

1 coat
I do not wear black polish, but I decided to just buy one for nail art. And this is crazy crazy black.
_Truly black
_One coats does the job
_Dry 1-2min
_No staining at all if there is a base coat
_Not streaky, the picture with flash kinda ruin it. hee hee
_Not that long lasting (easy to notice when chip off, but pretty much for all dark polishes)
_With topcoat, it smudges. So not that ideal for nail art. Actually, I notice that with all black polishes, they tend to smudge when you apply top coat. I tried a design on my cousin, and she did not apply top coat until 8 h after and it still smudges. So it either just depend on some polishes or depend on the good topcoat.
3 coats

I love Rain Check. This is a very pretty lilac with a blueish undertone. If you apply for the 3rd coat, you will get that blueish color.
_Very unique, iridescent color
_Dry 1-2min
_Last long with topcoat
_Not streaky at all, the brush is just the right side
_Shimmery but not chunky glitter
_Not that opaque, but not that sheer (this one cannot act as a a shimmery topcoat, can add a base to show its color)

I actually think Sunny Side Up is just a fun crazy pop of orange. I love the color, but I am not brave enough to actually wear the whole set. I bought this again for nail art only.
_Semi creamy
_Only need 2 coats and the color just pop
_Long lasting with topcoat
_Dry 1-2min
_Not streaky 
_Nothing actually, I think it does it job
2 coats

I like Sparked because I can use this for several ways (wearing it original way or doing nail art). But this is not my typical nail polishes. I hate chunky glitter nail polishes because it just take a bit more effort to clean.
_Very fast drying
_Two coats can cover enough surface
_Evenly distribute glitter
_Obviously not streaky
_Long lasting, might not need top coats
_Brush is bigger
_Can use for different designs of nail
_Hard to clean 


My first nail polishes were Wet n' Wild, so I just loving it more. They have great quality for just a low everyday price. You can find these nail polishes in most drugstores. However, this line does not carry wide range of color, some new color are hard to find. Their color is not that unique. Although this line is just the ordinary, they also have two other lines of nail polishes that a bit more expensive, but I believe with better quality. I have not try it, so I have nothing much to say. I think for such wonderful polishes, they do not get much recognition from others. 

Tips: For easy removal of the chunky glitter, pour some polish remover in the cap, dip your fingers in it for a few minute, damp your cotton, and you will be able to remove most of the polish in one swipe.

Have you tried any of these colors? What do you think about these WnW? Do you have any recommendation? Leave a comment below

SinfulColors Nail Polishes Review

Hi my beautiful friends, 

Here is my review and swatches for SinfulColors Nail Polishes

First Up, my favorite, which is Purple Diamond. 
apply with 3 coats

(I am so sorry that the swatches does not show it true color, the pic above is the right color for this)
I love this a lot because purple is my favorite color. The moment I catch my eyes on it I totally snatch it. I could not walk away because it is so pretty. It just keep calling on me, serious I was just lingering at the section for 10 min. 
_ Want to warn you, this is a sheer translucent polish, can be a good or bad ( Add a white base to make the color pop, can act as a shimmering top coat, 3 coats can give out its true color as seen on bottle)
_ It is not chunky glitter, iridescent
_ Not streaky at all
_Brush is just a bit thicker and wider
_Big bottle for just a cheap price
_ Sheer
_Need 3-4 coats to get the true color
_I find this dry a bit slower than other SinfulColors polishes. 

2 coats
This color is not white, it is a very very light pink. Can be use as French tips if you want to, but I am not that disappointed seeing it as nearly white.  
_ Dry 1-2 min 
_Long lasting with a good topcoat
_Very creamy formula
_Need only 2 coats to get the true color
_Cheap find
_I guess I might as well buy white, hahha
_Can be streaky as first, but when dried it will not 
_Need to know how to apply, can be uneven on large surfaces. (after topcoat everything even out)

2 coats

I don't know why that this color is just so mysterious. It does not appear like the color shown on the bottle. Truly, it is not because the camera change its color, this is the true color on my finger. To me, the color shown on the bottle is pink with a touch of coral. However, when applied, it turn out to be a darker baby pink. But I do love the color. 
_Dry 1-2 min
_Long lasting with topcoat
_Creamy formula
_Cheap with quality
_2 coats is enough
_Not the color appear on the bottle
_Like the other one, streaky and uneven, but when dry with topcoat, it is so pretty


I love SinfulColors, I think it is cheap, and you can definitely find it often on sale  at Waggs. I love their formula and all of their color. They provide a very great range of color, tons for you to choose from, and some color are very unique. For me, though, I just cannot pick up all of their polishes because they are bold and dark. Sometimes, I could not tell the difference between some color because it just darn too similar in shade. However, I think it is an alternative for the department store brand or some drugstores brand too.

Ps: I found out that when SinfulColors is old, they have a very stinky smell. I can stand it, but for me it just too odd.

I love to hear from you, do u like SinfulColors? Leave a comment and subscribe please

Nail Polish Haul!!

Hey everyone,

Finally!! I can actually make a nail polish haul post. It sure take me a while and I think that I will start to build up a collection for my nail polishes. All of my polishes are actually under $1. I vow to myself that I will not buy any nail polishes above $1 only if there is a sale or a cheap price on a very very expensive nail polish. But beside that, I will try to find cheap nail polishes with great quality and also quantity.

Well on to my Haul....
These nail polishes below are from Walgreen and Dollar Tree. I purchased these from several shopping trips. I will do swatches and review soon for each brand, so please be patient for them. The picture show the name of the polishes, I will just list where to find them and the retail price. 

Thanks for Tunning in.!!

Found at Walgreens SinfulColors (retail $1.99, sale $.99--0.5 fl oz)

Found at Dollar Tree L.A. Colors Color Craze (retail $1--0.44 fl oz)

Found at Walgreens Wet n' Wild Wild Shine (retail $.99, sale $.79---0.43fl oz)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quick chatter post

Hey Guys,

I have been busy with school and really just want to stay away from the tech world for a bit, so there have not been much any blog activity lately. Today, I just want to post up a very quick chatter post (still no name for this type of post yet) with a question that have been in my mind for a while now (ever since I turn my life to the beauty world).
What is your dream makeup palette (From Face to Eyes)?
I am not talking about the palettes that already existed out there. I want to know that if you can create your own makeup palette, what would be the products in there. How would the palette look like? Why do you choose the products you want in this palette? And if there is a company such as Mac, Coastal Scent, Urban Decay, etc... let you make your own palette, would you do it? 

For me, there have been times where I wish I can purchase my own palette from a lot of makeup brand. Have you ever buy a palette, just a small may be 4-6 pan eye shadows, and wish that you can take out a color that you do not like, or the ones with bad quality? I sure am for 100s of time. I tend to buy some small palettes of eye shadows and end up liking only may 2 or 3 of the shadows in it. Or sometimes, when I see a review of a palette, I wish that I can just take out the ones with bad quality and substitute them with the ones that I prefer. I do not own any of the 88 palette from Coastal Scent, but I have so many time tempted to make a purchase. I know that their shadows have good quality, but I realized that there are a lot of color in the palette that I will never use. Or I wish that they can combine both matte and shimmer shadows in one palette. 

Soo....what would be my dream makeup palette? I definitely would choose a 88 palette that combine neutral and colorful eye shadows with matte and shimmery finish. What would be the best is I can choose the color I want and would need for everyday use and versatile for most events. I realized that something that is simple can be very sophisticated. We can wear a very neutral eye look and dress it up with an eyeliner, fake lashes, or black shadows at the outer corners for a fun party look. 

This is something I wish that can happen in real What do you guys think? I love to hear from you...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another giveaway that u will love

so why not head over to AprilAthena7's blog...enter her giveaway...I love her.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Want to try Elf Mineral Eyeshadows?

Please head over to Pinkbox Makeup, she just reviewed the elf mineral and studio eyeshadows, and she let us in on to the sale of Spending $30 and recieve 10 mineral eyeshadows (10shades) for free. This is such a great sale. However, if you are new to elf, you might not think so. You have to add $30 worth of products, and then add 10 mineral eyeshadows to your cart, when you put in the coupon code, then mineral shadows will be free. I have been trying out elf $1 line products and most of them have decent quality for such a cheap dirt price. Although I am so eager to try out their studio and mineral line, $30 is a lot of shop for, but if you think of it as you will get $30 back for those free shadows, then it is not bad at all. I am still undecisive. I don't know if I am ready to spend $30 worth of costmetic. hee heee

But for those who enjoy using elf and who willing to give everything a try...I am surely recommended this.

Thanks guys and have a great day.

Have any one notice this sale? Well... Hurry Up and get Wet n' Wild nail polishes now!

Hi everyone,

I thought that I should give you guys this quick sale because I am sure to take the advantage of it.
Today, I went to Walgreen to find a Loreal foundation that my mom used. I have been using it and I love it. However, some how Loreal does not carry this anymore. I might have to check back either at CVS or Rite Aid.

Anyways, I want to tell you guys about this great sale at Walgreen right now. I went to a Walgreen near my school 3 days ago and saw that they were having a sale on WnW Wild Shine nail polishes. The retail price is $.99, but on some colors they are only $.79. I know that it is not much of saving, but it still is such a great deal. I could not passed up on this. I ended up buying Sunny Side Up at that time. Well...I thought that may be that Walgreen is having just the special sale, so it might not apply at all to other Waggs. Today, I went to another Waggs and I was surprised....every color from the Wild Shine collection is on sale for $.79 each. I just could not believe it. I don't know why that this sale is happening and I don't know when it will end. So I kept wandering around and decided that I will buy two more: Black Creme and Rain Check (there wasn't much to choose from since most color were out of stock). I have not own a full size bottle of black polish (I don't wear dark color), but finally made the decision while I have the chance to. I was so happy that I got Rain Check. It is such a beautiful dark lilac with blue undertone. I will try to put up the swatches for 3 polishes soon.

Long story short, I think that it is worth it to stock up on your favorite color fron this line of WnW. If you don't have one, try one....and if you already have some, pick up the color that you don't have. I have to say, this is the first time that I bought a nail polish for just $.79. And if you know me, I am a cheap addict. hahaha if that make sense.

PS: You guys should check out at different Waggs to see if this sale is all over the US. And I don't know how long this sale will last, so use this opportunity if you want decent nail polishes. Oh! Also, there will be a sale on Sinful Color nail polishes $.99 each (retail at $1.99) starting next week at Waggs. If you guys have any light color from SC, give me suggestion please.

Thanks for reading guys...Good Luck.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Chatting with Friend


I thought that I should do something more fun and personal to add a bit of variety to my blog. I decided that once in a while or may be more often I will do a chatting post. I guess it is not really chatting live, but I think it would be great if I can read everyone comments and opinions on what they think about a certain topic. I think it would be great if we can share our thoughts and feeling toward a subject. And I will gladly take any suggestions that you guys have. Moreover, it would be nice if you guys can come up with the name of this post. I have no idea what to put, so now is just a simple "Chatting with Friend."

So today, I just thought of the situation I came across for many times, but I don't know if everyone do this and should done it.

I went to the bank today to cashed out a check. The bank teller counted out the money outloud before she handed them to me. What I did is I counted the money outloud again when she handed me the money. Right at that moment, this question pop in my head

"Is this weird that I recounted the money right after she handed the money to me and right after she just counted the money OUTLOUD?"  

I felt weird when I did this, but for me I have to do it because my dad do it all the time, especially when there is a bit more money to count. It is not that I don't trust the teller (heck I was there), but inside I keep having the feeling that I got to count that money again. Last time, I stood in front of the teller for a while because some how I had some difficulty counting the money. I felt a little bit intimidating because people were looking at me. But...I always have to do it because I would not be able to complain if some money is missing.  

So my questions for you guys are: Do you guys do this all the time? How does it make you feel? Does this mean we have problem of not trusting anyone? Should we do it at all? Should we recount when the money is above $100 or no matter? 

I am looking forward to seeing your comments. Please comment below. And any suggestion for the next topic?