Friday, September 3, 2010

Chatting with Friend


I thought that I should do something more fun and personal to add a bit of variety to my blog. I decided that once in a while or may be more often I will do a chatting post. I guess it is not really chatting live, but I think it would be great if I can read everyone comments and opinions on what they think about a certain topic. I think it would be great if we can share our thoughts and feeling toward a subject. And I will gladly take any suggestions that you guys have. Moreover, it would be nice if you guys can come up with the name of this post. I have no idea what to put, so now is just a simple "Chatting with Friend."

So today, I just thought of the situation I came across for many times, but I don't know if everyone do this and should done it.

I went to the bank today to cashed out a check. The bank teller counted out the money outloud before she handed them to me. What I did is I counted the money outloud again when she handed me the money. Right at that moment, this question pop in my head

"Is this weird that I recounted the money right after she handed the money to me and right after she just counted the money OUTLOUD?"  

I felt weird when I did this, but for me I have to do it because my dad do it all the time, especially when there is a bit more money to count. It is not that I don't trust the teller (heck I was there), but inside I keep having the feeling that I got to count that money again. Last time, I stood in front of the teller for a while because some how I had some difficulty counting the money. I felt a little bit intimidating because people were looking at me. But...I always have to do it because I would not be able to complain if some money is missing.  

So my questions for you guys are: Do you guys do this all the time? How does it make you feel? Does this mean we have problem of not trusting anyone? Should we do it at all? Should we recount when the money is above $100 or no matter? 

I am looking forward to seeing your comments. Please comment below. And any suggestion for the next topic? 


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  1. I guess I trust people too much, I don't usually bother to check or at least not until I'm home!