Thursday, September 23, 2010

SinfulColors Nail Polishes Review

Hi my beautiful friends, 

Here is my review and swatches for SinfulColors Nail Polishes

First Up, my favorite, which is Purple Diamond. 
apply with 3 coats

(I am so sorry that the swatches does not show it true color, the pic above is the right color for this)
I love this a lot because purple is my favorite color. The moment I catch my eyes on it I totally snatch it. I could not walk away because it is so pretty. It just keep calling on me, serious I was just lingering at the section for 10 min. 
_ Want to warn you, this is a sheer translucent polish, can be a good or bad ( Add a white base to make the color pop, can act as a shimmering top coat, 3 coats can give out its true color as seen on bottle)
_ It is not chunky glitter, iridescent
_ Not streaky at all
_Brush is just a bit thicker and wider
_Big bottle for just a cheap price
_ Sheer
_Need 3-4 coats to get the true color
_I find this dry a bit slower than other SinfulColors polishes. 

2 coats
This color is not white, it is a very very light pink. Can be use as French tips if you want to, but I am not that disappointed seeing it as nearly white.  
_ Dry 1-2 min 
_Long lasting with a good topcoat
_Very creamy formula
_Need only 2 coats to get the true color
_Cheap find
_I guess I might as well buy white, hahha
_Can be streaky as first, but when dried it will not 
_Need to know how to apply, can be uneven on large surfaces. (after topcoat everything even out)

2 coats

I don't know why that this color is just so mysterious. It does not appear like the color shown on the bottle. Truly, it is not because the camera change its color, this is the true color on my finger. To me, the color shown on the bottle is pink with a touch of coral. However, when applied, it turn out to be a darker baby pink. But I do love the color. 
_Dry 1-2 min
_Long lasting with topcoat
_Creamy formula
_Cheap with quality
_2 coats is enough
_Not the color appear on the bottle
_Like the other one, streaky and uneven, but when dry with topcoat, it is so pretty


I love SinfulColors, I think it is cheap, and you can definitely find it often on sale  at Waggs. I love their formula and all of their color. They provide a very great range of color, tons for you to choose from, and some color are very unique. For me, though, I just cannot pick up all of their polishes because they are bold and dark. Sometimes, I could not tell the difference between some color because it just darn too similar in shade. However, I think it is an alternative for the department store brand or some drugstores brand too.

Ps: I found out that when SinfulColors is old, they have a very stinky smell. I can stand it, but for me it just too odd.

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