Friday, September 24, 2010

L.A. Colors-Color Craze Polishes

Hi my lovely friend,

I just discovered L.A. Colors Color Craze not long ago. I heard about this from a guru, and I spotted them at my local Dollar Tree. I actually have to say that this is a hit and miss for DT shopper. You have to be persistent to watch out for these nail polishes. They can easily be out of stock. However, I do know that they have been on shelf for couple of times now.

So lets get started.....


I am so sorry for the blurry picture. This is a beautiful royal blue nail polish with a hint of shimmery. I love love love this blue. I would never think of wearing blue nail polish, but I just cannot skip this color when I see it in store.
_Lovely blue with with iridescent effect. Not shown unless light shine on it.
_Not streaky at all.
_The length of the brush is short so there is more precision.
_Amazingly fast drying for each coat
_2 coats are pretty enough
_Long lasting with topcoat
_So far nothing, except I find that the cap is kind bulky for easier grip on.


This silver is the first one I bought because I just need a silver polish.
_So pretty iridescent silver, not chunky glitter
_1 coats can do the job
_Long lasting
_Dry super quick
_Not streaky at all

1 coat

I super love Electrified. I am so sorry that the flash picture shown the wrong color of this polish. It is not reddish tone, this is a pinkish magenta iridescent color.
_Not creamy formula, and not sheer either
_It just need one coat, that is all, it show the exact color on the bottle
_Dry quick
_Last long
_Not streaky

I truly love this product. I could not believe that L.A. Colors have such good formula for their polishes. I believe that they have a very wide range of colors for this line. They do have regular line, but I have not try them yet. The sad thing is DT does not carry that much shades. They are very limited. I should just snatch up all of the color they have, but I think I will have to gone on a hungry strike after that. hee hee. However, if you like to buy them, you can also find them at Cherry Culture

 Have you tried this brand? Do you think you will try them? Leave a comment below please


  1. LA Colors is my favorite brand, and yes, I first found them at Dollar Tree too. So many beautiful colors and they last forever, or it seems like it! I know I can go a week or more without any chips. If you have a Family Dollar store near you, try there too, they will have other colors. Look for the one called Pink Sizzle, it's my favorite. It comes out lighter than it is in the bottle, it's just this perfect shade of shimmery pink.

    For some reason your pictures aren't showing up for me.

  2. @Donna

    aww no, I am so sorry that the pictures are not showing up, it might be the sources where I upload my pictures. I can still see them so I wish I can understand why you can't. I'll try to use a different source next time.

  3. It's strange, because some of the pictures show up. In the newest posts they don't but in older posts they do.

  4. @Donna

    I hope that you can view the pictures now.

  5. I can see them. Oh I thought of another con for these, the ones you get from Dollar Tree don't have the color listed on the bottle, just on the package. This is why I needed to see your pictures, because I couldn't remember the names of the polishes that I got anymore. Now I know which one electrified is!

    I got really lucky when we went on vacation this past summer. While in Michigan I went to a Dollar Tree that had all of these Color Craze polishes, so many that I couldn't get them all and all the other things I wanted too! But I did get all three that you picked. I love the silver, it is super blingy and gorgeous!

    I'm telling ya, these LA Colors polishes are as good or better than many higher priced polishes. Wonderful color choices and they wear forever. I hope Dollar Tree keeps getting them in and in more collections and shades.

  6. @Donna

    Oh yes, that is so true, I realized that when I took those pictures, I bought the silver one a while ago, so I do not have the packaging anymore.
    I do hope that DT have add more shade to this collection.

  7. the cap really is kinda bulky but I learned that the "cap" part comes off..

  8. @liiyueh

    Hmm, I say it is bulky but I learn to get use to it, and about it comes up, I did not really understand what that mean...