Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wet N' Wild Polishes Review

Hi my bellas,

I want to do a quick review of the great Wet N' Wild-Wild Shine Nail Color. I bought all of the Wet n' Wild nail polishes when they were on sale for just $.79 at Waggs. I could just not pass up the opportunity, I don't think there is a lot of time that you can find cheap nail polishes right?
So let's get on to the review and swatches first:

1 coat
I do not wear black polish, but I decided to just buy one for nail art. And this is crazy crazy black.
_Truly black
_One coats does the job
_Dry 1-2min
_No staining at all if there is a base coat
_Not streaky, the picture with flash kinda ruin it. hee hee
_Not that long lasting (easy to notice when chip off, but pretty much for all dark polishes)
_With topcoat, it smudges. So not that ideal for nail art. Actually, I notice that with all black polishes, they tend to smudge when you apply top coat. I tried a design on my cousin, and she did not apply top coat until 8 h after and it still smudges. So it either just depend on some polishes or depend on the good topcoat.
3 coats

I love Rain Check. This is a very pretty lilac with a blueish undertone. If you apply for the 3rd coat, you will get that blueish color.
_Very unique, iridescent color
_Dry 1-2min
_Last long with topcoat
_Not streaky at all, the brush is just the right side
_Shimmery but not chunky glitter
_Not that opaque, but not that sheer (this one cannot act as a a shimmery topcoat, can add a base to show its color)

I actually think Sunny Side Up is just a fun crazy pop of orange. I love the color, but I am not brave enough to actually wear the whole set. I bought this again for nail art only.
_Semi creamy
_Only need 2 coats and the color just pop
_Long lasting with topcoat
_Dry 1-2min
_Not streaky 
_Nothing actually, I think it does it job
2 coats

I like Sparked because I can use this for several ways (wearing it original way or doing nail art). But this is not my typical nail polishes. I hate chunky glitter nail polishes because it just take a bit more effort to clean.
_Very fast drying
_Two coats can cover enough surface
_Evenly distribute glitter
_Obviously not streaky
_Long lasting, might not need top coats
_Brush is bigger
_Can use for different designs of nail
_Hard to clean 


My first nail polishes were Wet n' Wild, so I just loving it more. They have great quality for just a low everyday price. You can find these nail polishes in most drugstores. However, this line does not carry wide range of color, some new color are hard to find. Their color is not that unique. Although this line is just the ordinary, they also have two other lines of nail polishes that a bit more expensive, but I believe with better quality. I have not try it, so I have nothing much to say. I think for such wonderful polishes, they do not get much recognition from others. 

Tips: For easy removal of the chunky glitter, pour some polish remover in the cap, dip your fingers in it for a few minute, damp your cotton, and you will be able to remove most of the polish in one swipe.

Have you tried any of these colors? What do you think about these WnW? Do you have any recommendation? Leave a comment below


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    thanks a lot, I have been slacking off. and Plus, I need money for school, so I cannot shop much hee hee