Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another Update of my life....

Hi my lovely Bellas!!

I missed you guys so much!! I am sorry that I have not update more post on my blog, but please bare with me. I truly do not have time right now because school is a pain in my.... It is almost come to an end of this semester, so projects, papers, and finals are keep coming like crazy. However, I feel so happy and light because a very good news had came to me. I will tell you guys soon and might have a little surprised for all of my bellas.

Well, I want to post a lot of new post on here, but it takes me a lot of time. But, I promise that in about 3 more weeks, I will be free to do major blogging with you guys. Here is what will be coming up:
_ Huge collective haul
_ Review for Wet N' Wild
_ Follow up products review
_ Review for Maybelline Studio
_ Tip and tutorial
_ Review for Profusion eye makeup
_ Good News and a surprised!
_ My first experience...!
_ Review for Valentinekisses
_ Review for Vivalanails
_ Review for L.A Color Craze nail polishes
_ Review for NYC
And may be more....

I know the list is huge, but I am hoping I will be able to do it. I promised that the minute that I finish my last day of school for this semester, I will get home right away and start blogging.

I also want to ask you guys to help me with choosing from these options. If I have $25, from what three categories below should I choose?
_ E.L.F
_ N.Y.C
_ Wet N' Wild
_ or other drugstore makeup?
( I want to buy NYX so bad because I have not own any, but shipping is a least, elf always have discount code.) (Also, if you guys have tried any products from these brands, can you recommended which item I should buy?)
I love all of the brands above because I can buy more decent--> good quality products. I know $25 is not much, but it would be nice to know how I can spend it wisely. Hope you guys can help me!!

I am on a major shopping spree, but I am saving money at the same time. I still am trying to add more to the collective haul. I just have been into makeup so much, I gone crazy shopping. I need new clothes to wear on the holiday, but some how cheap makeup just make me go crazy!!

This is all for now, if I found any good sale or cheap finds, I will continue to keep updating for you guys.

Thanks for dropping by, and comment below.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Profusion and Color Workshop can be found at....

Hey Bellas,

I want to do a very very quick post to tell you guys what I spotted at Walgreens for the last couple of days. I went to Walgreens to take the advantage of 50% off Wet n' Wild Cosmetic which you guys should b/c it ends today.

I was surprised that two of the Walgreens I went to are beggining to display a lot of holiday gift sets. Ranging from $10+ with variety of beauty products. What I found that is so interesting is Profusion cosmetic products are now available at Walgreens. I have heard of this brand once or twice, and know that it is available to buy on I also have heard that some people have spotted Profusion at their local Walgreens recently. However, I have not seen it at all until a couple days ago. I have two pics that I quickly snap before the security come by, so I am sorry if it is really blurry. The only thing I know about this cosmetic line is it has very cheap prices. I have not try them before, so I don't know its quality. However, I am hoping to try it soon.

                                                                             12 shadow pallete for $.99
                                       This pallete for only $9.99??

So tell me what you think guys? Do you guys want to try it out? Does it look interesting to you? 
Do you think that the quality of this will not be as good? 

Well, also, I am sorry because I could not took some pics for The Color Workshop products. I was not really interesting in them because I have some old eye shadows from the Color Workshop and I do not like them. I actually never seen TCW any where in drugstores before, but I might be wrong. This is the first time I seen it at Walgreens. I actually do not know where to buy it before now. I got those old ones as a gift. Anyways, TCW are sold as gift sets also. The price starting at $2.99. Their gift set includes eyes and face makeup, and also nail polishes. If you guys decide to buy any, please comment below. 

I have no idea if this two brands are only available as Holiday Limited Edition or not, so any of you friends should snatch it if it called out to you. hee hee. For me, I need to get some money in before I can spend on any..

Thanks for reading guys. Leave any comment below please. 


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sorry Mom and Dad! I turned my sister into Wilma Flintstones!!

Hey everyone,

I know that Halloween has already past, but I thought that it would be cool to share some pictures of the costume that I made for my sisters. This year is her last Halloween year for trick or treating, though, I think that she has past that age a long time ago. However, since this is her last year of high school, I thought that I should help her make it the best year of her life. I want her to have fun because I did not get to have fun on my senior year of HS.

Well, this year I made the Wilma Flintstones costume with my sister's help, of course. I don't know if any still remember that cartoon, I actually live past it and can only remember how the Flintstones look like. I never seen the real episode before. Both of us was super busy the week of Halloween, so this was very last minute. We did everything by hand since we do not have a sewing machine. I thought that the costume turned out well. People did recognized her as Wilma (Asian version I guess). It was easy to make (though we did came across some difficulties). Hope you guys like it. I should take the picture of the hair I did for her,but her hair is too black, it was hard to see the details.

Thanks for tuning in.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Update and Happy Halloween!!!

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry that I have been slacking from blogging. I just have been really busy with school. Every week I have things that are due, and sometimes there are more than 2 things that are due in the same day. I just been going crazy lately. hee hee

I am so sorry that I should do something special for Halloween. I did make my mom turn into a cat, well, just semi cat like. I just draw some face makeup on her, and she put on a pattern dress and wear the cat ears with a tail. There is a competition at her workplace today. Though I doubt that her makeup will last since she is a dental assistant, wearing mask and working with patients would not make the makeup last long. Hope she won't turn into a monster by the end of the day. Hahhaha. I would show you guys the picture, but we were running late. So sorry guys.

This year I dress my sister up for Toga day at her school. Sadly, I don't have any picture at all that is good quality.

Although that I don't have any tutorials for anything related to Halloween, would you guys like to see tutorials from other gurus on Youtube? I have been into Greek costume lately, so I thought of some perfect videos below for those of you who wants last minute costume, makeup, and hair. Enjoy!!!!

Visit anneorshine page, and subscribe for more costume tutorials

Visit itsjudytime and subscribe for more elegant hair tutorials

Visit Dope2111and subscribe for more Halloween looks

Hope you guys like it. Please visit them for more ideas.

Thanks. And Wish you guys a Happy Halloween. Please have fun and be safe!!!

Disclaimer: I am not paid to promote any of their channel, they are some of my favorite gurus. I just want to help you guys with last minute costume idea. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

All Lip Products reviews and swatches!!

Now, let moves onto all of the lip products I purchased recently. First, I am sorry that I could not swatch the lip color on my lips because my lips are always dry, the picture just make them look worse. I use my hand, so hope it helps.

First: N.Y.C Liquid Lip Shine
I am so sorry, but I am not opening the one in the package which is Ice Orchid.

These lip shine is like lip glosses more than liquid lipstick, but they are great bargain finds. I love the bottle. The application is sponge tip. Bottles made of cheaper plastic, but definitely durable.
(L) Iced Orchid # 555B; (R) Dusty Rose #549

Middle is Dusty Rose (retail $1.99, sale $.50), the bottom is Wet n' Wild Pink Ice (retail $.99, sale $.65)

Smell so yummy, like caramel vanillaish. 
Love the thick consistency, just a touch of stickiness.
Dusty Rose have coral micro glitter in it, such a lovely corally pink
Goes smoothly on lips
Very shiny on lips, a bit more on the sheer side, but still pigmented. 
Great on nude lipstick
Ok- moisturizing
For cheap lip glosses, it is obviously not long lasting. But if you do not eat and speak a lot, then it stay on great. 
Name is not on the bottle, I totally have to fish out the outside packaging  from the trash can to find the name of it. However, they print the number on the bottle. 

Overall, I never notice these Liquid Lip Shine before, I absolutely love this product. Even for $1.99, I would definitely go back and repurchase this. 

For Wet n' Wild in Pink Ice:
Pink Ice # 528 A  (retail $.99, sale $.65)

I think this lipstick is very interesting. You can see the pic above is a very bright pink because it is taken with flash. On the packaging, the color is actually pinky nude. On the actual product, it is darker pink with a touch magenta undertone. I love it no matter what. 

Please refer to the swatches above. It is the true color. 
Very shiny, not matt at all
Super soft and goes on smoothly
Consistency almost like a lip balm
Stay moisturizing and lasting for about 2-3 hour.   
Cheap packaging, the tube is flimsy, made with cheap plastic. 
Eventhough it is too easy to twist out the product, the cap actually lock it to prevent it from being dented by the cap. 
Not the color on the package or what we see. 
Name not on the package, why? You can print the number, but not the name? 

Overall? I love it. Not because of the price, but because of the product quality. I am looking forward to try out other colors that they have. They have great range of shade. Right now, on sale at Walgreens for $.49. 

Now, Nivea Lip Balm

(L-R) A Kiss of Milk and Honey Natural Defense and Soothing Lip care, A Kiss of Smoothness Hydrating Lip Care SPF 4, A Kiss of Flavor Strawberry Tinted Lip Care SPF 4.  0.17 oz (retail $?, sale $1)


Excellent flavor, strawberry is yummy, the other two is just vanilla smell (honey does have a faint honey smell)
Condition your lips
Long lasting on lip and does not dry up your lips after hours
Glide on smoothly
The strawberry goes on tinted like a sheer gloss, others are just sheer
Easy to twist
Bigger than ordinary Chapstick tube

Nothing...Does what the lip balm does

Overall, I found that I reach for this lip balm more often. I just cannot put it down. I love the strawberry one! Get these while it is on sale. I actually notice that I do not see it at all in Walgreen until this sale. Odd? May be I do not look around as much. I found two of them today at a bottom shelf in a big jar. I had to walk around the cosmetic section 2-3x to find them all. 

EOS Lip Balm

Honeysuckle Honeydew 0.25 oz (retail $3.99, sale: Free)

Isn't this just a little adorable thing? I just absolutely love the way they package this. It just like an egg. I have nothing for cons, so I will just describe to you the product quality. This lip balm is made with 100% natural product and 95% organic. Made with shea butter and jojoba oil. The product is hard so it seem like you are not using any product from it. It just glide on smoothly on the lips. It does not have that usual texture that you get with ordinary lip balm. It make your lips smooth, but does not have the oily texture on the lips. They have three flavors which are: Lemon Drop, Summer Fruit, and the one above. One thing I actually do not like is it kinda has to deal with sanitation. If you open up the product, all products will be expose to germ in the air and you twisting the cap back on, you are holding the bacteria in it. I am not a crazy health freak, so I'm not worry. However, it is something to be conscious about. I would love to try out the other flavors. These are just so cute. I cannot stop looking at it. At Walgreen, you can buy 3 of those flavors for $9.99.

Last but not least, Wet n' Wild New Lip Stick in Think Pink (retail $2.99, sale $1.49)

The color above is the true color of the product. The Lipstick is pink to almost pinky nude. I thought I am going to love it, but I actually surprised at the color when it goes on my lips. 



Pigmented, nicely pinky nude
Goes on smoothly
Matt finish
Long lasting
Condition your lips
Have variety of shades
Cheap for great quality


I don't like it on my lip, it just totally make my lips pale pink (I am just not use to nude lips)
Does not look like what it offered
Name is not on the tube
Need to add gloss for glossy and less pale color. 

Overall, I like it for the quality, but the color is a disappointment. However, I can play around with different color of glosses or mix with another lipstick color. I actually like Dusty Rose on top of this. 

Sorry guys, for the very long post. I want to do all lip products and I do not want to left out any information that I know. If you guys have try this product, please add more information in the comment. Have you guys try any of these products yet? Which one do you want to get? What are you thinking?


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wet n' Wild Nail Polish and Eyeliner

As I said, I will be reviewing and putting swatches of the Wet n' Wild nail polish and eyeliner. So let's start:

Wet n' Wild Wild Shine in Fireworks at Rite Aid ( retail $.99, sale $.65)
This polish is chunky golden glitter. It has not only glitter, but it also has chunky circular flecks. I think it is really pretty. I could not decide between this and Champagne. Champagne is a very pretty shade between gold and bronze, I don't know why I could not put down the gold though. I was kinda disappointed when I swatch Fireworks at home. However, I still think it is such a nice color. This is part of their limited edition Wild Shine collection. I have no idea if it will discontinue or not, however, check out your local Rite Aid to get your hands on all of the shades. I love them all, but I just need one.

3 coats
One coat on three fingers with a purple base (with flash)
2 coats with purple base (no flash) Hate it :P

Chunky glitter (+); (-)
Big brush
Dry fast 1-2 min
Stay on strong, long lasting
Great alone without a color base
2-3 coats are enough
Hate chunky glitter? Then this is NOT for you. I don't really like it either. 
Very ugly looking with color base, may be a lighter base with similar shade. 
Hard to clean. 
Those flecks is semi-useless, can be ugly with 2-3 coats. 

Overall, I like it and hate it. I will probably try to avoid those flecks if I use it for nail art. But use it alone, I still think it great for some occasion. I hate chunky glitter because it take a bit more effort to clean. However, this is great. And with that price, it is too hard to resist. 

4 swipe
2 swipe

Now, onto the white eyeliner....I have been looking for a white eyeliner that are soft and long lasting, but I haven't found one until this Wet n' Wild white eyeliner pencil. Sorry for not taking the pencil picture alone, but it is just an ordinary eyeliner pencil in white. The swatches above is a little bit ugly, but it just show you the quality of it. 

Actually quiet soft
Glide on easier than others cheap liners like N.Y.C
Can stay on waterline to help make our eyes look more awake
Act as a good base eyeshadow
Highlight underneath the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes. 
Cheap (retail $.99 , sale $.65)
Not necessarily long lasting because it not that easy to blend, the consistency is too waxy. So it just stick on 
Stay on waterline, but goes on kinda sheer
If you over blend, it will just disappear.
Cause a tiny bit of irritation if trying to blend on the waterline.

Overall, I like it better than the ones I tried before. My cousin own one from N.Y.C and it does not work on waterline. I am not that satisfied, but it is not bad. I want to find a cheap white eyeliner pencil, but I guess, it is not possible. Still on the mission to find one. I know Jordana also have white eyeliner, but I believe I swatch it once and it is not soft.   

Tell me what you think?  

Shop til U Drop! : Rite Aid

I did a recent post about the sale from Rite Aid, but I just haven't had the time to post some picture about the items that I bought. 
So here it is...


I bought four items from N.Y.C and Wet N' Wild. 

Remember that I told you WnW $.99 products were 3 for $1.95? So I ended up getting the white eyeliner, the nail polish, and that lipstick (swatches and review soon).
The nail polish is from their new wild shine collection. Everything from this collection is glittery and sparkle, I love all, but I just want gold nail polish because I haven't had one in my collection. I should have got another one, but man I am having too much nail polishes and I barely paint my nails. Hee hee.

Also, that week, N.Y.C were BOGO Free. For some people, they also had a coupon in All You magazine from the manufacturer for BOGO. That would make your two products free. Cool, isn't it? I did not have that coupon, but I did print out a $1 off coupon for any N.Y.C products two months ago. I still got both of the glosses for just $.99. Still a crazy bargain right? 

Have you guys tried any of these products? Comment and subscribe please!   

Shop til U Drop! : Walgreen

Hi everyone,

From now on, I will use "Shop til U Drop" as a title for all of my recent shopping trip hauls. It is just something new & if you guys can find any name for this post, please comment below and I will change it up a bit.

Well, today and on Tuesday, I went to Walgreen because there were awesome sale on three lip products. You guys still can get in on this sale and I will tell you guys in a minute. First, I want to thank you Nouveau Cheap for mentioning my blog on her post. Thank you for your support!!! Secondly, if you guys check my sidebar on the "Beauty Related", I have link three of my favorite blogs there to help you bellas get in on beauty sale and cheap beauty products.

Now let's get on with my haul... so the sale for Walgreen this week is $1 Nivea lip balm and EOS lip balm for free.
Here is how it works:
1. Nivea is on sale for $1 and there were a $1 off coupon in last Sunday newspaper. This will let you get it for free. I did not have this coupon because my family only watch news, not reading newspapers. I would buy a newspaper, but it's ok...
2. So for EOS lip balms, they are on sale for $3 and when you buy one, Walgreen will give you back a $3 coupon (Register Reward) to use. So technically, it is FREE!! I have been dying to try out this lip balm because it is super duper cute.

Now what I did is, I bought the EOS lip balm with one Nivea lip balm on Tuesday and I only have to pay around $4 and they print out a $3 coupon for me. Today, I went to Walgreen again to use that coupon because it will be expired on 10/18. I already checked the sale for next week on Make-Up on the Cheap at Walgreen and nothing seem interesting to me.

For today, I bought two more Nivea lip balms and because some Wet n' Wild products were 50%off, I decided to buy their new line of lipstick for just $1.49. Now, what I would like to do is use my $3 to buy another EOS lip blam, but I don't know whether or not they will give me back another $3. Hmm. That would be crazily cool, but I really doubt they let you do that. So that is why I bought those items today.

Now guys...what are you waiting for? Take this opp for a great sale. It will end on Saturday this week, so you still get a lot of time.

I will be posting swatches and review soon for all of the products I bought.

Thanks for reading guys,
Comment below!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Valentine Kisses...Have you visit yet?

Hi my Bellas,

I believe I have talk about Valentine Kisses before, but I don't think they get enough credit for it.

This is a beauty one stop for all website. They have so many products that is like a girl paradise. From drugstores makeup to girl accessories, they carry many brand that you seen in you local shops, but at fraction of the price. The price range is below $1-$10 max. I never seen anything that is more than $10. The purpose of this website is for those who live outside of the US to have the opportunity to try US makeup products. Also, sometimes, you can also find older line of makeup products that are not found in store anymore. You can also find cheaper accessories for hair, jewelry at a very low price. They always have excellent discount and freebies.

So what are you waiting for? Check them out...

P.S They are having daily giveaway, and you are welcome to enter if you subscribe and follow their blog


OH MY GOODNESS, I love her giveaway,

Hi my lovely beauties,

I want to give you guys the opportunity to enter April's giveaway, she is so generous and I just love love her blog and video on YT. She is giving away tons of products and I hope you guys would take this chance to enter too. Subscribe and follow her blog. I just love her personality.

Her blog is AprilAthena7'

Ciao for now. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I cannot defense myself....

I am so tired of always get yelled at. I am an adult, but I constantly feel like a kid. I am so tired of them always yelling at me. They do not understand me at all and I am not even a bad kid. I listen to them all the time, I never do anything without their permission, and I always do what they want me to do. But once in a while, I just too tired of them. I don't understand why they do not understand me me me me.

I cannot defense myself at all, none of them are on my side. One will just add on with the other to push me and push me. It is not fair, not fair, not fair!!!!! My GOD they got to STOP being like that. Just little things that they push it to make it a major problem. I cannot defense myself because I am not allowed to talk back. I just could not explain to myself because they don't listen.

Just a while ago, I help doing house chores and one of them come home yell at me. She told me why I am being lazy and don't do anything in the house. I just did it, but she don't accept what I did. I don't understand, what does she want? Does she want me to video tape what I did to prove that I did it? Do I have to brag about it? I am not a bad person, I tried to do nice things, to help out, but all I received is bad words coming back to me. All I receive is nothing but scolds, swears toward me. I don't understand, what do you want from me? I don't understand. And then, another one come home and decided to add on to my misery. All he can say is " YOU DON'T DO Anything in this HOUSE? What do you mean that " I DON'T"? I don't get it, do I have to tell you every little thing I did to prove it to you? I AM NOT like that!! I am not that kind of person. I cannot just tell them what I did and I cannot defense myself. Why is life being so unfair to me? Bad luck come to me all the time and I am so tire of it. They keep thinking I am not being responsible. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING About? I am too tire of it. I DID what you want, and no one appreciate it. And then they told me that I never understand how hard they have to work to support me? What are you talking about? I tried to help out but I don't get it. They told me that I got to think about my action, but they never think about what I did. I don't understand it, I am not telling them that they should appreciate what I do, all I want them to do is please understand that I want to help them. They don't SEEEEE it!!!! Why are they always being unfair to me? I always and constantly LOVE THEM....I want to pay back what they did, but all they see is nothing nothing from me. What do I do? I am just so mad and I just cannot explain myself. What do I do? I want to be quite for the rest of my life so I never have to explain myself? But that is not an them it is stupidity, to them it is disrespectful, to them I AM JUST A WORTHLESS person.

Why is every part of my life is so hard? I tried so hard, but I can't never catch up. I never feel confident with myself. I don't know what is my credibility, all I see is I am not worth it. All I see of myself is nothing. I am struggling in school but no one can understand that it is so hard for me to compete, I am not being appreciated at home. I just feel so numb, everything from me is useless. Is that what I deserved? I am never feel Happy, there are so much pressure. I don't know what to do. I feel I am being left behind and life just goes on for the others....

Please support me my believer, I believe in you, and please help me get through the rough roads ahead of me.

Cry silently.......

Another exciting giveaway!!

I love Pinkbox Makeup, and you should too....She is doing another giveaway, so you guys should take to opportunity and enter.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Need Help and quick saving at RiteAid

First, I just want to tell you guys to head over to Rite Aid right away to get Wet n' Wild deal. They are having 3/$1.95 on all of the $.99 items. I believe that it will end tomorrow 9/25. So please please head over to RA and get this awesome deal. I caved in and got 3 items and there will be haul, review, and swatches soon.

Now, I need all of you guys to help teach me blog 101. I am trying to fix up my blog a bit by adding some more feature. Can you guys tell me which I need to add and may be how I can add them? I am so clueless at blog design and it take me forever to learn. I do not have much time. So if you guys can give me a hand, I will appreciated this a lot.

Thanks everyone.

Friday, September 24, 2010

L.A. Colors-Color Craze Polishes

Hi my lovely friend,

I just discovered L.A. Colors Color Craze not long ago. I heard about this from a guru, and I spotted them at my local Dollar Tree. I actually have to say that this is a hit and miss for DT shopper. You have to be persistent to watch out for these nail polishes. They can easily be out of stock. However, I do know that they have been on shelf for couple of times now.

So lets get started.....


I am so sorry for the blurry picture. This is a beautiful royal blue nail polish with a hint of shimmery. I love love love this blue. I would never think of wearing blue nail polish, but I just cannot skip this color when I see it in store.
_Lovely blue with with iridescent effect. Not shown unless light shine on it.
_Not streaky at all.
_The length of the brush is short so there is more precision.
_Amazingly fast drying for each coat
_2 coats are pretty enough
_Long lasting with topcoat
_So far nothing, except I find that the cap is kind bulky for easier grip on.


This silver is the first one I bought because I just need a silver polish.
_So pretty iridescent silver, not chunky glitter
_1 coats can do the job
_Long lasting
_Dry super quick
_Not streaky at all

1 coat

I super love Electrified. I am so sorry that the flash picture shown the wrong color of this polish. It is not reddish tone, this is a pinkish magenta iridescent color.
_Not creamy formula, and not sheer either
_It just need one coat, that is all, it show the exact color on the bottle
_Dry quick
_Last long
_Not streaky

I truly love this product. I could not believe that L.A. Colors have such good formula for their polishes. I believe that they have a very wide range of colors for this line. They do have regular line, but I have not try them yet. The sad thing is DT does not carry that much shades. They are very limited. I should just snatch up all of the color they have, but I think I will have to gone on a hungry strike after that. hee hee. However, if you like to buy them, you can also find them at Cherry Culture

 Have you tried this brand? Do you think you will try them? Leave a comment below please

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wet N' Wild Polishes Review

Hi my bellas,

I want to do a quick review of the great Wet N' Wild-Wild Shine Nail Color. I bought all of the Wet n' Wild nail polishes when they were on sale for just $.79 at Waggs. I could just not pass up the opportunity, I don't think there is a lot of time that you can find cheap nail polishes right?
So let's get on to the review and swatches first:

1 coat
I do not wear black polish, but I decided to just buy one for nail art. And this is crazy crazy black.
_Truly black
_One coats does the job
_Dry 1-2min
_No staining at all if there is a base coat
_Not streaky, the picture with flash kinda ruin it. hee hee
_Not that long lasting (easy to notice when chip off, but pretty much for all dark polishes)
_With topcoat, it smudges. So not that ideal for nail art. Actually, I notice that with all black polishes, they tend to smudge when you apply top coat. I tried a design on my cousin, and she did not apply top coat until 8 h after and it still smudges. So it either just depend on some polishes or depend on the good topcoat.
3 coats

I love Rain Check. This is a very pretty lilac with a blueish undertone. If you apply for the 3rd coat, you will get that blueish color.
_Very unique, iridescent color
_Dry 1-2min
_Last long with topcoat
_Not streaky at all, the brush is just the right side
_Shimmery but not chunky glitter
_Not that opaque, but not that sheer (this one cannot act as a a shimmery topcoat, can add a base to show its color)

I actually think Sunny Side Up is just a fun crazy pop of orange. I love the color, but I am not brave enough to actually wear the whole set. I bought this again for nail art only.
_Semi creamy
_Only need 2 coats and the color just pop
_Long lasting with topcoat
_Dry 1-2min
_Not streaky 
_Nothing actually, I think it does it job
2 coats

I like Sparked because I can use this for several ways (wearing it original way or doing nail art). But this is not my typical nail polishes. I hate chunky glitter nail polishes because it just take a bit more effort to clean.
_Very fast drying
_Two coats can cover enough surface
_Evenly distribute glitter
_Obviously not streaky
_Long lasting, might not need top coats
_Brush is bigger
_Can use for different designs of nail
_Hard to clean 


My first nail polishes were Wet n' Wild, so I just loving it more. They have great quality for just a low everyday price. You can find these nail polishes in most drugstores. However, this line does not carry wide range of color, some new color are hard to find. Their color is not that unique. Although this line is just the ordinary, they also have two other lines of nail polishes that a bit more expensive, but I believe with better quality. I have not try it, so I have nothing much to say. I think for such wonderful polishes, they do not get much recognition from others. 

Tips: For easy removal of the chunky glitter, pour some polish remover in the cap, dip your fingers in it for a few minute, damp your cotton, and you will be able to remove most of the polish in one swipe.

Have you tried any of these colors? What do you think about these WnW? Do you have any recommendation? Leave a comment below

SinfulColors Nail Polishes Review

Hi my beautiful friends, 

Here is my review and swatches for SinfulColors Nail Polishes

First Up, my favorite, which is Purple Diamond. 
apply with 3 coats

(I am so sorry that the swatches does not show it true color, the pic above is the right color for this)
I love this a lot because purple is my favorite color. The moment I catch my eyes on it I totally snatch it. I could not walk away because it is so pretty. It just keep calling on me, serious I was just lingering at the section for 10 min. 
_ Want to warn you, this is a sheer translucent polish, can be a good or bad ( Add a white base to make the color pop, can act as a shimmering top coat, 3 coats can give out its true color as seen on bottle)
_ It is not chunky glitter, iridescent
_ Not streaky at all
_Brush is just a bit thicker and wider
_Big bottle for just a cheap price
_ Sheer
_Need 3-4 coats to get the true color
_I find this dry a bit slower than other SinfulColors polishes. 

2 coats
This color is not white, it is a very very light pink. Can be use as French tips if you want to, but I am not that disappointed seeing it as nearly white.  
_ Dry 1-2 min 
_Long lasting with a good topcoat
_Very creamy formula
_Need only 2 coats to get the true color
_Cheap find
_I guess I might as well buy white, hahha
_Can be streaky as first, but when dried it will not 
_Need to know how to apply, can be uneven on large surfaces. (after topcoat everything even out)

2 coats

I don't know why that this color is just so mysterious. It does not appear like the color shown on the bottle. Truly, it is not because the camera change its color, this is the true color on my finger. To me, the color shown on the bottle is pink with a touch of coral. However, when applied, it turn out to be a darker baby pink. But I do love the color. 
_Dry 1-2 min
_Long lasting with topcoat
_Creamy formula
_Cheap with quality
_2 coats is enough
_Not the color appear on the bottle
_Like the other one, streaky and uneven, but when dry with topcoat, it is so pretty


I love SinfulColors, I think it is cheap, and you can definitely find it often on sale  at Waggs. I love their formula and all of their color. They provide a very great range of color, tons for you to choose from, and some color are very unique. For me, though, I just cannot pick up all of their polishes because they are bold and dark. Sometimes, I could not tell the difference between some color because it just darn too similar in shade. However, I think it is an alternative for the department store brand or some drugstores brand too.

Ps: I found out that when SinfulColors is old, they have a very stinky smell. I can stand it, but for me it just too odd.

I love to hear from you, do u like SinfulColors? Leave a comment and subscribe please

Nail Polish Haul!!

Hey everyone,

Finally!! I can actually make a nail polish haul post. It sure take me a while and I think that I will start to build up a collection for my nail polishes. All of my polishes are actually under $1. I vow to myself that I will not buy any nail polishes above $1 only if there is a sale or a cheap price on a very very expensive nail polish. But beside that, I will try to find cheap nail polishes with great quality and also quantity.

Well on to my Haul....
These nail polishes below are from Walgreen and Dollar Tree. I purchased these from several shopping trips. I will do swatches and review soon for each brand, so please be patient for them. The picture show the name of the polishes, I will just list where to find them and the retail price. 

Thanks for Tunning in.!!

Found at Walgreens SinfulColors (retail $1.99, sale $.99--0.5 fl oz)

Found at Dollar Tree L.A. Colors Color Craze (retail $1--0.44 fl oz)

Found at Walgreens Wet n' Wild Wild Shine (retail $.99, sale $.79---0.43fl oz)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quick chatter post

Hey Guys,

I have been busy with school and really just want to stay away from the tech world for a bit, so there have not been much any blog activity lately. Today, I just want to post up a very quick chatter post (still no name for this type of post yet) with a question that have been in my mind for a while now (ever since I turn my life to the beauty world).
What is your dream makeup palette (From Face to Eyes)?
I am not talking about the palettes that already existed out there. I want to know that if you can create your own makeup palette, what would be the products in there. How would the palette look like? Why do you choose the products you want in this palette? And if there is a company such as Mac, Coastal Scent, Urban Decay, etc... let you make your own palette, would you do it? 

For me, there have been times where I wish I can purchase my own palette from a lot of makeup brand. Have you ever buy a palette, just a small may be 4-6 pan eye shadows, and wish that you can take out a color that you do not like, or the ones with bad quality? I sure am for 100s of time. I tend to buy some small palettes of eye shadows and end up liking only may 2 or 3 of the shadows in it. Or sometimes, when I see a review of a palette, I wish that I can just take out the ones with bad quality and substitute them with the ones that I prefer. I do not own any of the 88 palette from Coastal Scent, but I have so many time tempted to make a purchase. I know that their shadows have good quality, but I realized that there are a lot of color in the palette that I will never use. Or I wish that they can combine both matte and shimmer shadows in one palette. 

Soo....what would be my dream makeup palette? I definitely would choose a 88 palette that combine neutral and colorful eye shadows with matte and shimmery finish. What would be the best is I can choose the color I want and would need for everyday use and versatile for most events. I realized that something that is simple can be very sophisticated. We can wear a very neutral eye look and dress it up with an eyeliner, fake lashes, or black shadows at the outer corners for a fun party look. 

This is something I wish that can happen in real What do you guys think? I love to hear from you...