Monday, May 31, 2010

Coupons to help you save...

Hi my lovely Bellas,

Thanks to Nouveau Cheap, I got to find out some good deals for saving on beauty products. She recently posted up a whole post with sales in CVS, Walgreen, and RiteAid with added coupons for extra saving. So please check her out and click here for the post.

Here are the ones that stand out most for me.

1. Physicians Formua: $5off any PF products. at RiteAid
2. At Walgreen, one June 6th, there will be Rimmel sale for 50%. Use this coupon to buy MOISTURE RENEW LIPCOLOUR SPF 18 OR SEXY CURVES MASCARA
3. NYC Color Wheel Eyeshadow 75% off at CVS. Use this coupon for $1 off. From $1.25--->$.25
5. Also at CVS, Halle Berry Fragrance is BOGO1/2off. You can get this coupon for $3off 1 Halle Berry Pure Orchid or Halle by Halle Berry Fragrance
4. This is extra coupon for Nail products:
___ $2 off Broadway Artificial nails
___ $2 off Kiss Artificial nails

Hope you guys find what you like and get great savings from these. Thanks Nouveau Cheap, you are great.

Have a great Memorial Day, and good luck saving your money.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

trying out new nail design...

Hi Everyone...

Today, I was sitting home alone and decided to tried out this nail look. It look messy because I thought my white polish has already dry. I semi-hate my white polish, it took forever to dry and it got thicken lately. However, it is opaque, so it is very easy to use. Oh well, this is inspired by a look from YT guru. I don't remember which one though. I can only paint my thumb and pinkie because all my other nails are super short. My nails break easily, so I could not leave them long. I will try to do this look may be in two weeks. Next time, I probably do French tip white and purple lining. It might be easier. If anyone try out this look, please post it on your blog. I would love to see it. I am not that talented in painting, especially for nails too. 

Enjoy your weekend.  

Friday, May 28, 2010

Can't sleep...

I went to sleep around 11:00 p.m and now just wide awake at 3:00 in the morning. Suddenly, just feel so empty. I just keep thinking of my situation. I just want to turn on my laptop to blog. Thank you so much for everyone who supporting me. I am so glad to have friends like you guys.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A bad day....I just simply cry to numb my pain.

Please ignore this post if you guys do not like reading personal post like this.

I thought I will be off to the summer with a happy face on my face. But of the worse day ever in my life. I really want to express my anger and I just want scream at someone. However, I resent that and just simply want to write this little diary post. Today I figure out the grade for one of my class. I was surprised...realllly surprised...never believe how I could be that surprising. I question myself what did I do wrong? I question myself that did I really did that bad? I question myself that is all my effort I put into this class go into waste? I never in that moment could believe my eyes. I could not believe the numbers that I recieved. Why? WHy? Why? If I was slacking off, if I did not do anything, if I was playing around, if I was not doing what I suppose to do, I would accept the grade I got. However, NO NO NO...I was not being a bad student and a bad girl and I recieved a grade that never in my life I thought I would. After being in the teacher's office, I went out, calculated my grade and simply just cried cried cried. To tell everyone the truth, it feels worse than failing for the WST or get bad score on the SAT. It so hurt, I just cannot describe it. I did not see it coming and it shoot right through me. I feel so bad because I just feel that I should get a bit higher grade to help my GPAs, but now I lose my chance to maintain the high GPAs. I needed it...I need high GPA to apply to Nursing....I need it because it is my future. It just seem that I simply let it slip off my hand. Right now crying does not make me feel better. It just makes it worse and worse. There is no help for talking to my teacher. I just cannot be disrespectful to her, but I just cannot explain that to her that I really put my effort into the class.

Afterward, my friend just drove me to the mall and we walk around to help me forget my grade. However, the pain came back and it make me feel so lonely. Have you ever feel that you are at a bottom of a tank and you tried harder than others, but you cannot reach up to pull yourself out of it? I am behind and now I feel worse for being behind. I tried hard, but I still not succeed. I see others who are now ahead of me and just feel so lonely. I want to raise my voice, but feel that everyone will just look down on me. I really wish that someone could understand my capability and ability, understand that I work really hard. I just want others to stop comparing me to others make me feel like I meant nothing to the others.

I love Nail Art!!!

Hi my lovelies,

Today I am officially out of school. I am totally free for the whole night and just do not know what to do. I ended up looking for inspired nail tutorials. I came across some amazing nail gurus and I just have to click the subscribe button. Right now I want to talk to you about two amazing nail art products that I have been wanting to buy. They are amazing and they would give you amazing nail art designs.
1. Konad Nail Art- This is a product that use a stamp and image plate to stamp designs onto your nails. I am amazed at the idea. Check out their website: . There are many image plates for you to choose from and the images are unique, cute, and intricate. I fall in love the moment that I saw the products. However, there are some cons to this product. Even though I never try this product before, I can see some negative sides of this product:(1) The product is expensive. There are different sets and you can actually choose to buy individual equipment, but it still add up to around $15+. (2) You have to use their nail polishes to get the best result, and the polish is a bit costly.(3) You need a bit more steady hand to stamp the product. (4) The stamping process requires a bit more work and not sure if ordinary polishes will give the same result. Nevertheless, I have seen so many video clips that I believe it is the best nail art tool out there. I believe that there are other dupes for Konad, but this is the authentic one. This is on my wishlist, and I hope to get it some time soon in the future. Right now, I do not do nails that often and are not willing to spend too much money on this product.

2. SmART nails:  Have any of you guys heard of this brand? I recently discover SmartNail through some nail tutorials. I was surprised that I had the same idea, but mine did not work so well. Before this discovery, I had the idea to use tape and different shape-hole-puncher to make stencils. However, my hole punchers set was too big. I need smaller images that fit on nails. That would just cost me too much, plus I figure out that hole puncher does not work well with tape. This product is stencils with very small intricate design. I am not so sure what the stencil made of, but I believe it is like tape b/c it sticky on one side, so you can stick it on your nails. I think this is a best alternative for Konad. One set design come with 10 stencils, and the best part is you can reuse it. I am not sure how duriable it is, but so far it seem very useful. Guess what? It only cost you $3 for a set. However, there are shipping money. I still think it is such a good deal. Check their YT channel too: You will see how these stencils work.

I just want to share these with you friends for those who love to do nails. I think it is an amazing art. Check them out!!.

Enjoy and Good Luck!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let's Kick off the Summer with a GIVEAWAY!!!

Hi Hi my blogger friends!!

Today I ended my final early for a class, so I have plenty of time before I started on my HW for one more class. Just one more day then I am officially out of school. I do not have that much plans for summer, except spending sometimes on practicing for two tests I have to take in June and July. I just cannot wait for this post since I got the prizes for this giveaway already!! ;)

I just want to post it up for you guys to see and start to enter in this. I know that the prizes is so litttle; my sister told me that it is so little, too. But, please understand. BTW...Did anyone know how much is the postal cost for sending out big envelop? I never send things to places before, so I have no idea how it works. Do the post office weigh your pkg, then depend on how far you send it, they will decide the cost? I am too embarassed to ask the post office...Hahaha. I will have to do it anyways. As you can see I got the envelop and the prizes (there is a missing lipstick in the picture, but let make it a surprised). Oh since it is so little prizes, I won't be able to send it to anyone who is out of the U.S or Canada. Hope you guys understand that too.

Here is the simples rules:
1. Please be a blog follower. Just simply hit the follow button on the right side. Then, please comment below saying you are a follower and leave ur blog name or blog username. Oh I will check! This is for my followers only.
2. Subscribe to my youtube channel ( This is optional, since some people might not have a YT account). I do not make any video on the channel, but I follow so many gurus on there, I thought it would be nice for you guys to learn some tips, tricks, DIYs, hairstyles, nails, and makeup etc... from them. I truly love all of the gurus I followed and I have been learning so much from them. When you subscribe to my channel, please leave a comment on this post with your YT username.
3. Leave any random comment on this post, saying anything you want to say. You can also leave me comments, such as which is your favorite post from my blog, recommendation, request, comment on what you like to see more. ANYTHING...There is no limit on what you want to put down.
4. Be willing to give me your email and mailing address so I can send it to you. I do not mind the age limit, but I do not want to be getting phone calls or emails or papers suing me for sending you guys the prizes (hahah JK being too dramatic). But please ask your parents permission if you are underage.
5. So there are three ways for you to enter! You can leave 1 or 1000 comments. I will use to pick a winner. I like to make things as easy as possible...I hate it when people ask you to do so many things. Hahaha.

I think that is all for now. Please enjoy your day! and Good Luck Everyone.

Oh last but not least: Let's make this contest end on June 29th. Thank You so much everyone.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My creation

Hi Bellas,

Here are the pictures of makeup looks that I did. I did makeup and hair on my sister and her friend, and my friend also. There are not much of close up looks, but I think you guys get an idea of all the looks.

Here is the pictures of my friend:
the closer look for makeup, she does not like to wear very thick makeup for photo, so everything is light and natural. I also did the silver smokey eye look. THis is the day before the wedding day. I practiced on her to let her decide on what look she want, so she like this one. Below is the hair look from behind. Then the blue dress she wear was on the  wedding day. I did her sister hair, but I don't have any picture from her.
Here is my sister, she does not look very good with eyemakeup, so I did very simple look. The girls in blue and white is my sister's friends. I also did their makeup and hair, I know that both look so white, but they do not like to wear dark makeup. I told them that it need to be darker since they have Asian eyes, but I think it makeup them look more natural.

This is their prom picture. It is so cute, I love it.

Hope you guys enjoy these pictures. These are natural looks, but I think it is appropriate for young girls.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pink Polka Dot design nail Tutorial

I thought that it would be fun to put up for you guys. I had so much fun doing this nail tutorial, but I just wish I can actually video tape it.
First apply base coat to ur nails, then apply thick french tips. Wait for it to dry...You might need to apply a second layer to your french tips. Then Apply thinner french tips on top of the white as shown in the picture. I use Sally Hansen Rose to the Occasion.

Wait for it to dry. Apply 2-4 dots randomly to the whole nails with the same pink polish. I use the end of a bobby pin for the dots.

Then use the white polish to dot onto the spaces between pink. I apply less polish so it is smaller than the pink ones. Wait for everything to dry, and apply the top coat.
There!! We are finish! I think this kinda look like ice-cream don't you think? I think this is so cute for the summer. I need to get more summer color polishes in the future.
Thank You guys.

Mini tutorial for nail

Hey Guys...

I just want to put up this quick DIY nail tip. The picture above resemble the french tip guides from brands, such as Nailene. I thought of buying them, but I have some marterials at home that I thought why not create my own. So I create the picture above from MS and just print it out on a piece of sticker paper. I have tons these sticker paper at home, and I just simply cut out as many as I need. You can copy the picture above and print it out on may be those white label paper. If anyone want, I can actually email u guys the doc file to make it easier for print out. I just realized that some people might not have those label print out at home. But try anything that have one sticky side and can be put into the printer and print it out. 

Hope this helps you guys....Thanks and GOOD LUCK

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sorry!! And YAY!!

Ok guys,

I just need to put up another quick update while I am on a break in school. Last post, I told you guys that I will have some time to put up some posts, but I am totally wrong. Haa haa. Sorry guys!! I told myself to finish a 10 page paper before Friday, but that did not went well. It took me 3 days to finish the paper. OMG I am so slow!! Ok hopefully I can blog this weekend. If not, I am so sorry because you guys have to wait after two more weeks. SO Last post, I mention about doing a giveaway, and I got some positive feedbacks that I should do one. I have eight followers now, so like XAgnes said I will reach 10 in no time. I decided that I will do a giveaway. I will start collecting items for the giveaway, and my budget can only be $10 and a little bit more for shipping. I really wish I can spend more, but now is not the right time for me. When I get a job, I will spend a lot more for you guys. I am thinking of buying a mix of different drugstore brand makeup products. Brands that I mentioned in the last post. I will post up the prizes picture when I finish collecting them. Oh I have to tell you guys that I will have to either open the paper packaging or cut away parts of the packaging to save some room, but do not worry!! all items are new, untouch, and no swatches done on them at all.

I think that is all for right now. If I get a chance to go shopping this week, I definitely put up the Giveaway post...SO please look out for it. I am still owning you guys some of the posts I promised in last post. That will be up as soon as I am free.

Next up!! I have been wanting to do a swap. I have seen so many people do it, but there are a lot of concerns. Does anyone want to do one with me? It seem so fun to see the others do it. I really want to try one. I am thinking $20 including shipping for the limit. Please comment below.

Thanks a lot bellas.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Should I do a giveaway?

Hey Everyone,

I will have some free time tomorro, so I will spend a great amount of time posting on blog. Now I have to write a paper for school, and this is a late paper too. I just want to post up a quick chat to see what you guys think. I am thinking of doing a giveaway. I started blog not so long ago, and I really enjoy chatting with you bellas. I love all of your blogs too. I want to host a giveaway when I reach 10 followers. I am not trying to get more readers, but it would be nice to host a giveaway to celebrate. I would never thought that someone would ever read my blog. Now, I am more confident to be open to all of you bellas. Thank You SOOO Much for supporting me!!! I don't know what to giveaway yet, but I do not have a job, so my budget is really low. I really want to spend $20+ for you guys, but for me it is a lot of money. Plus shipping is getting so expensive too. I am thinking of cheap drug store brands...NYC, WnW, L.A colors, E.L.F...? SO what do you guys think? Tell me what products are you interesting in from those drugstore brands. I want to give away NYX, but there are no ULTA near my area and it would take a bit more time to actually get it ship. Please comment below.

Thank You so much.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just a quick minue update!!

Hi everyone!!

I just want to put up a quick minute update to tell you guys I am still here. I do not want to abandon my blog, but I have been busy with school. It is so near the end of the semester, so I am super super tired of papers and finals. I am thinking of blogging about makeup and hair that I did on 5 people in the same day. I will go into details and post some pics. I should have took before and after pic from everyone, but we were busy. Plus, I wish I took more pics, but truly have no time and I need good lighting to take picture. It was such a fun experience for me since it was my first time doing that much. I am looking forward for more. Anywhos, I will also post a review on two new palletes of ES I bought. I also want to do something new to blog. I have no idea yet. But Just want to tell you guys that it will come may be in the next 2-3 weeks. I am also thinking of holding a very mini giveaway. I do not work, so the prizes might be very little. But I just want to giveout for anyone who support me.

Right now, thank you for your patient

Hope to see you soon.