Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mini tutorial for nail

Hey Guys...

I just want to put up this quick DIY nail tip. The picture above resemble the french tip guides from brands, such as Nailene. I thought of buying them, but I have some marterials at home that I thought why not create my own. So I create the picture above from MS and just print it out on a piece of sticker paper. I have tons these sticker paper at home, and I just simply cut out as many as I need. You can copy the picture above and print it out on may be those white label paper. If anyone want, I can actually email u guys the doc file to make it easier for print out. I just realized that some people might not have those label print out at home. But try anything that have one sticky side and can be put into the printer and print it out. 

Hope this helps you guys....Thanks and GOOD LUCK


  1. @PoorCollegeStudent

    I hope you have something to print it on...I am thinking of giving away a pack of my sticker paper. I think I will include it to the prizes for the giveaway