Thursday, May 6, 2010

Should I do a giveaway?

Hey Everyone,

I will have some free time tomorro, so I will spend a great amount of time posting on blog. Now I have to write a paper for school, and this is a late paper too. I just want to post up a quick chat to see what you guys think. I am thinking of doing a giveaway. I started blog not so long ago, and I really enjoy chatting with you bellas. I love all of your blogs too. I want to host a giveaway when I reach 10 followers. I am not trying to get more readers, but it would be nice to host a giveaway to celebrate. I would never thought that someone would ever read my blog. Now, I am more confident to be open to all of you bellas. Thank You SOOO Much for supporting me!!! I don't know what to giveaway yet, but I do not have a job, so my budget is really low. I really want to spend $20+ for you guys, but for me it is a lot of money. Plus shipping is getting so expensive too. I am thinking of cheap drug store brands...NYC, WnW, L.A colors, E.L.F...? SO what do you guys think? Tell me what products are you interesting in from those drugstore brands. I want to give away NYX, but there are no ULTA near my area and it would take a bit more time to actually get it ship. Please comment below.

Thank You so much.


  1. So glad you are more confident in your blogging abilities! I would love to get some new stuff from WnW because I live so far from Wags and Rite Aid has not restocked the new products yet. I love elf, as you know, and I've never tried LA colors, but I've heard good things and my roommate uses LA colors eyeshadow. What ever you decide I wish you the best of luck and I hope you continue to blog!

  2. Hey there, I just subbed today! I think your blog is pretty good. It does getting use to blogging and such. One day i'm on a roll the next I haven't blogged in WEEKS! LOL

    Giveaways are always fun! I love e.l.f., i haven't tried LA colors before, NYX, I only have their lipsticks and glosses (which are really really good, smooth creamy and pigmented!) Good luck with whatever you choose...and $20 is plenty! lol

  3. Aww i know exactly how you feel! Its kind of scary when you first start blogging cause you're putting up parts of your own life and pictures for everyone to see.. but once you start, it kind of gets addicting :) hehe A giveway would definately be fun. Dont you worry about the price! I dont think thats the meaning behind it anyways. Just the fact that you're willing to spend some of your own money and time on somebody else is already enough :) I hope i can reach this stage soon and have my own giveaway! Take care and i know you'll reach 10 followers in no time :)