Monday, May 10, 2010

Sorry!! And YAY!!

Ok guys,

I just need to put up another quick update while I am on a break in school. Last post, I told you guys that I will have some time to put up some posts, but I am totally wrong. Haa haa. Sorry guys!! I told myself to finish a 10 page paper before Friday, but that did not went well. It took me 3 days to finish the paper. OMG I am so slow!! Ok hopefully I can blog this weekend. If not, I am so sorry because you guys have to wait after two more weeks. SO Last post, I mention about doing a giveaway, and I got some positive feedbacks that I should do one. I have eight followers now, so like XAgnes said I will reach 10 in no time. I decided that I will do a giveaway. I will start collecting items for the giveaway, and my budget can only be $10 and a little bit more for shipping. I really wish I can spend more, but now is not the right time for me. When I get a job, I will spend a lot more for you guys. I am thinking of buying a mix of different drugstore brand makeup products. Brands that I mentioned in the last post. I will post up the prizes picture when I finish collecting them. Oh I have to tell you guys that I will have to either open the paper packaging or cut away parts of the packaging to save some room, but do not worry!! all items are new, untouch, and no swatches done on them at all.

I think that is all for right now. If I get a chance to go shopping this week, I definitely put up the Giveaway post...SO please look out for it. I am still owning you guys some of the posts I promised in last post. That will be up as soon as I am free.

Next up!! I have been wanting to do a swap. I have seen so many people do it, but there are a lot of concerns. Does anyone want to do one with me? It seem so fun to see the others do it. I really want to try one. I am thinking $20 including shipping for the limit. Please comment below.

Thanks a lot bellas.


  1. Don't worry about it! School is important!

  2. ooo a swap! haha i actually dont realy know too much about how it works... but it sounds like fun!! :)and yes.. dont worry about not posting for a bit. like poorcollegestudent said, school is definately more important!

  3. @XAgnes thanks for being patient with me...I am testing to see if I can reply to ur comment or not

  4. @ngocupham

    Yay I got it...WOnder if this work