Friday, May 14, 2010

My creation

Hi Bellas,

Here are the pictures of makeup looks that I did. I did makeup and hair on my sister and her friend, and my friend also. There are not much of close up looks, but I think you guys get an idea of all the looks.

Here is the pictures of my friend:
the closer look for makeup, she does not like to wear very thick makeup for photo, so everything is light and natural. I also did the silver smokey eye look. THis is the day before the wedding day. I practiced on her to let her decide on what look she want, so she like this one. Below is the hair look from behind. Then the blue dress she wear was on the  wedding day. I did her sister hair, but I don't have any picture from her.
Here is my sister, she does not look very good with eyemakeup, so I did very simple look. The girls in blue and white is my sister's friends. I also did their makeup and hair, I know that both look so white, but they do not like to wear dark makeup. I told them that it need to be darker since they have Asian eyes, but I think it makeup them look more natural.

This is their prom picture. It is so cute, I love it.

Hope you guys enjoy these pictures. These are natural looks, but I think it is appropriate for young girls.

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