Thursday, May 27, 2010

I love Nail Art!!!

Hi my lovelies,

Today I am officially out of school. I am totally free for the whole night and just do not know what to do. I ended up looking for inspired nail tutorials. I came across some amazing nail gurus and I just have to click the subscribe button. Right now I want to talk to you about two amazing nail art products that I have been wanting to buy. They are amazing and they would give you amazing nail art designs.
1. Konad Nail Art- This is a product that use a stamp and image plate to stamp designs onto your nails. I am amazed at the idea. Check out their website: . There are many image plates for you to choose from and the images are unique, cute, and intricate. I fall in love the moment that I saw the products. However, there are some cons to this product. Even though I never try this product before, I can see some negative sides of this product:(1) The product is expensive. There are different sets and you can actually choose to buy individual equipment, but it still add up to around $15+. (2) You have to use their nail polishes to get the best result, and the polish is a bit costly.(3) You need a bit more steady hand to stamp the product. (4) The stamping process requires a bit more work and not sure if ordinary polishes will give the same result. Nevertheless, I have seen so many video clips that I believe it is the best nail art tool out there. I believe that there are other dupes for Konad, but this is the authentic one. This is on my wishlist, and I hope to get it some time soon in the future. Right now, I do not do nails that often and are not willing to spend too much money on this product.

2. SmART nails:  Have any of you guys heard of this brand? I recently discover SmartNail through some nail tutorials. I was surprised that I had the same idea, but mine did not work so well. Before this discovery, I had the idea to use tape and different shape-hole-puncher to make stencils. However, my hole punchers set was too big. I need smaller images that fit on nails. That would just cost me too much, plus I figure out that hole puncher does not work well with tape. This product is stencils with very small intricate design. I am not so sure what the stencil made of, but I believe it is like tape b/c it sticky on one side, so you can stick it on your nails. I think this is a best alternative for Konad. One set design come with 10 stencils, and the best part is you can reuse it. I am not sure how duriable it is, but so far it seem very useful. Guess what? It only cost you $3 for a set. However, there are shipping money. I still think it is such a good deal. Check their YT channel too: You will see how these stencils work.

I just want to share these with you friends for those who love to do nails. I think it is an amazing art. Check them out!!.

Enjoy and Good Luck!


  1. Just found your blog and I'm following. :) Nice write up.
    I love konading.

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  3. Thanks, I missed it somehow. ENTERED. :)