Thursday, October 7, 2010

All Lip Products reviews and swatches!!

Now, let moves onto all of the lip products I purchased recently. First, I am sorry that I could not swatch the lip color on my lips because my lips are always dry, the picture just make them look worse. I use my hand, so hope it helps.

First: N.Y.C Liquid Lip Shine
I am so sorry, but I am not opening the one in the package which is Ice Orchid.

These lip shine is like lip glosses more than liquid lipstick, but they are great bargain finds. I love the bottle. The application is sponge tip. Bottles made of cheaper plastic, but definitely durable.
(L) Iced Orchid # 555B; (R) Dusty Rose #549

Middle is Dusty Rose (retail $1.99, sale $.50), the bottom is Wet n' Wild Pink Ice (retail $.99, sale $.65)

Smell so yummy, like caramel vanillaish. 
Love the thick consistency, just a touch of stickiness.
Dusty Rose have coral micro glitter in it, such a lovely corally pink
Goes smoothly on lips
Very shiny on lips, a bit more on the sheer side, but still pigmented. 
Great on nude lipstick
Ok- moisturizing
For cheap lip glosses, it is obviously not long lasting. But if you do not eat and speak a lot, then it stay on great. 
Name is not on the bottle, I totally have to fish out the outside packaging  from the trash can to find the name of it. However, they print the number on the bottle. 

Overall, I never notice these Liquid Lip Shine before, I absolutely love this product. Even for $1.99, I would definitely go back and repurchase this. 

For Wet n' Wild in Pink Ice:
Pink Ice # 528 A  (retail $.99, sale $.65)

I think this lipstick is very interesting. You can see the pic above is a very bright pink because it is taken with flash. On the packaging, the color is actually pinky nude. On the actual product, it is darker pink with a touch magenta undertone. I love it no matter what. 

Please refer to the swatches above. It is the true color. 
Very shiny, not matt at all
Super soft and goes on smoothly
Consistency almost like a lip balm
Stay moisturizing and lasting for about 2-3 hour.   
Cheap packaging, the tube is flimsy, made with cheap plastic. 
Eventhough it is too easy to twist out the product, the cap actually lock it to prevent it from being dented by the cap. 
Not the color on the package or what we see. 
Name not on the package, why? You can print the number, but not the name? 

Overall? I love it. Not because of the price, but because of the product quality. I am looking forward to try out other colors that they have. They have great range of shade. Right now, on sale at Walgreens for $.49. 

Now, Nivea Lip Balm

(L-R) A Kiss of Milk and Honey Natural Defense and Soothing Lip care, A Kiss of Smoothness Hydrating Lip Care SPF 4, A Kiss of Flavor Strawberry Tinted Lip Care SPF 4.  0.17 oz (retail $?, sale $1)


Excellent flavor, strawberry is yummy, the other two is just vanilla smell (honey does have a faint honey smell)
Condition your lips
Long lasting on lip and does not dry up your lips after hours
Glide on smoothly
The strawberry goes on tinted like a sheer gloss, others are just sheer
Easy to twist
Bigger than ordinary Chapstick tube

Nothing...Does what the lip balm does

Overall, I found that I reach for this lip balm more often. I just cannot put it down. I love the strawberry one! Get these while it is on sale. I actually notice that I do not see it at all in Walgreen until this sale. Odd? May be I do not look around as much. I found two of them today at a bottom shelf in a big jar. I had to walk around the cosmetic section 2-3x to find them all. 

EOS Lip Balm

Honeysuckle Honeydew 0.25 oz (retail $3.99, sale: Free)

Isn't this just a little adorable thing? I just absolutely love the way they package this. It just like an egg. I have nothing for cons, so I will just describe to you the product quality. This lip balm is made with 100% natural product and 95% organic. Made with shea butter and jojoba oil. The product is hard so it seem like you are not using any product from it. It just glide on smoothly on the lips. It does not have that usual texture that you get with ordinary lip balm. It make your lips smooth, but does not have the oily texture on the lips. They have three flavors which are: Lemon Drop, Summer Fruit, and the one above. One thing I actually do not like is it kinda has to deal with sanitation. If you open up the product, all products will be expose to germ in the air and you twisting the cap back on, you are holding the bacteria in it. I am not a crazy health freak, so I'm not worry. However, it is something to be conscious about. I would love to try out the other flavors. These are just so cute. I cannot stop looking at it. At Walgreen, you can buy 3 of those flavors for $9.99.

Last but not least, Wet n' Wild New Lip Stick in Think Pink (retail $2.99, sale $1.49)

The color above is the true color of the product. The Lipstick is pink to almost pinky nude. I thought I am going to love it, but I actually surprised at the color when it goes on my lips. 



Pigmented, nicely pinky nude
Goes on smoothly
Matt finish
Long lasting
Condition your lips
Have variety of shades
Cheap for great quality


I don't like it on my lip, it just totally make my lips pale pink (I am just not use to nude lips)
Does not look like what it offered
Name is not on the tube
Need to add gloss for glossy and less pale color. 

Overall, I like it for the quality, but the color is a disappointment. However, I can play around with different color of glosses or mix with another lipstick color. I actually like Dusty Rose on top of this. 

Sorry guys, for the very long post. I want to do all lip products and I do not want to left out any information that I know. If you guys have try this product, please add more information in the comment. Have you guys try any of these products yet? Which one do you want to get? What are you thinking?



  1. Nice post! :) I want to buy an EOS lip balm, they're so cute! :)

    New follower here btw, check out my blog too if you want! :)

  2. @Stavroula

    Thanks for the comment and subscribing to my blog. I just checked out ur blog and subscribe too. I love ur Elf reviews...I love ELF a lot.

  3. Awwww thank you! :) I love Elf too! ;) They have some really nice products and they don't break the bank! :)

    Add your blog link to my latest blog post if you want, I asked everybody to write their blog link! :) xxx

  4. If you love ELF get over to Target NOW! They have limited edition kits and pallets for $3, $5, and $10. I got a 32 eyeshadow palette for $5 and I hear they have a 100 eyeshadow palette for $10, but it was already gone when I went.

    I agree with Stavroula, the one I want is the eos lip balm. I will wait for the next sale and get one then!

  5. @Donna

    Thanks Donna, for commenting. I did know that there are those limited edition kits, but sadly my target either ran out of the 32 and 100 pallette or they just never in stock. I was there when they still have a lot of kit in stock. Today, I just went and nothing is at the display. I am aiming to shop online and buy that 100 pallete, but shipping is just so expensive on elf. I have to save up money to buy it all at once. And choose the time for very good coupon code.