Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wet n' Wild Nail Polish and Eyeliner

As I said, I will be reviewing and putting swatches of the Wet n' Wild nail polish and eyeliner. So let's start:

Wet n' Wild Wild Shine in Fireworks at Rite Aid ( retail $.99, sale $.65)
This polish is chunky golden glitter. It has not only glitter, but it also has chunky circular flecks. I think it is really pretty. I could not decide between this and Champagne. Champagne is a very pretty shade between gold and bronze, I don't know why I could not put down the gold though. I was kinda disappointed when I swatch Fireworks at home. However, I still think it is such a nice color. This is part of their limited edition Wild Shine collection. I have no idea if it will discontinue or not, however, check out your local Rite Aid to get your hands on all of the shades. I love them all, but I just need one.

3 coats
One coat on three fingers with a purple base (with flash)
2 coats with purple base (no flash) Hate it :P

Chunky glitter (+); (-)
Big brush
Dry fast 1-2 min
Stay on strong, long lasting
Great alone without a color base
2-3 coats are enough
Hate chunky glitter? Then this is NOT for you. I don't really like it either. 
Very ugly looking with color base, may be a lighter base with similar shade. 
Hard to clean. 
Those flecks is semi-useless, can be ugly with 2-3 coats. 

Overall, I like it and hate it. I will probably try to avoid those flecks if I use it for nail art. But use it alone, I still think it great for some occasion. I hate chunky glitter because it take a bit more effort to clean. However, this is great. And with that price, it is too hard to resist. 

4 swipe
2 swipe

Now, onto the white eyeliner....I have been looking for a white eyeliner that are soft and long lasting, but I haven't found one until this Wet n' Wild white eyeliner pencil. Sorry for not taking the pencil picture alone, but it is just an ordinary eyeliner pencil in white. The swatches above is a little bit ugly, but it just show you the quality of it. 

Actually quiet soft
Glide on easier than others cheap liners like N.Y.C
Can stay on waterline to help make our eyes look more awake
Act as a good base eyeshadow
Highlight underneath the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes. 
Cheap (retail $.99 , sale $.65)
Not necessarily long lasting because it not that easy to blend, the consistency is too waxy. So it just stick on 
Stay on waterline, but goes on kinda sheer
If you over blend, it will just disappear.
Cause a tiny bit of irritation if trying to blend on the waterline.

Overall, I like it better than the ones I tried before. My cousin own one from N.Y.C and it does not work on waterline. I am not that satisfied, but it is not bad. I want to find a cheap white eyeliner pencil, but I guess, it is not possible. Still on the mission to find one. I know Jordana also have white eyeliner, but I believe I swatch it once and it is not soft.   

Tell me what you think?  


  1. the nail polish look so beautiful :) love the glitters^^
    drey jewelry.

  2. What you needed to get was the Wet n Wild ColorIcon pencil in white. Those were limited edition last summer and are better than their regular pencils. I got the white one because like you, I wanted it for the waterline and it works and stays put. You are right about the NYC ones, those are useless.

    I don't like chunky glitter too much either, but I sometimes use it anyway and pretend I have an expensive Deborah Lippmann polish on. LOL I have the LA Colors one that is just like the one you have from Wet n Wild. Gianna said that she thought WnW was trying to copy it. The color is called Goddess and its small and large golden glitters with rainbow holo glitters too.

  3. @Donna

    Oh Donna, you know what I realized? I forgot to put that the eyeliner is the ColorIcon pencil. I don't know why that for the fist couple use, I did not like it at all. But the more I used it, the more I like the pigmentation. I think I am almost there to find the cheap white eyeliner that work very well. This can win second place for me. haaha. I realized that this stay on my waterline really well. However, I still don't like the consistency, kinda sticky and rigid in a way. Almost like wax rather than cream, so it make it a bit hard to blend, but nevertheless, you can glide this on easily. I actually love it.