Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shop til U Drop! : Walgreen

Hi everyone,

From now on, I will use "Shop til U Drop" as a title for all of my recent shopping trip hauls. It is just something new & if you guys can find any name for this post, please comment below and I will change it up a bit.

Well, today and on Tuesday, I went to Walgreen because there were awesome sale on three lip products. You guys still can get in on this sale and I will tell you guys in a minute. First, I want to thank you Nouveau Cheap for mentioning my blog on her post. Thank you for your support!!! Secondly, if you guys check my sidebar on the "Beauty Related", I have link three of my favorite blogs there to help you bellas get in on beauty sale and cheap beauty products.

Now let's get on with my haul... so the sale for Walgreen this week is $1 Nivea lip balm and EOS lip balm for free.
Here is how it works:
1. Nivea is on sale for $1 and there were a $1 off coupon in last Sunday newspaper. This will let you get it for free. I did not have this coupon because my family only watch news, not reading newspapers. I would buy a newspaper, but it's ok...
2. So for EOS lip balms, they are on sale for $3 and when you buy one, Walgreen will give you back a $3 coupon (Register Reward) to use. So technically, it is FREE!! I have been dying to try out this lip balm because it is super duper cute.

Now what I did is, I bought the EOS lip balm with one Nivea lip balm on Tuesday and I only have to pay around $4 and they print out a $3 coupon for me. Today, I went to Walgreen again to use that coupon because it will be expired on 10/18. I already checked the sale for next week on Make-Up on the Cheap at Walgreen and nothing seem interesting to me.

For today, I bought two more Nivea lip balms and because some Wet n' Wild products were 50%off, I decided to buy their new line of lipstick for just $1.49. Now, what I would like to do is use my $3 to buy another EOS lip blam, but I don't know whether or not they will give me back another $3. Hmm. That would be crazily cool, but I really doubt they let you do that. So that is why I bought those items today.

Now guys...what are you waiting for? Take this opp for a great sale. It will end on Saturday this week, so you still get a lot of time.

I will be posting swatches and review soon for all of the products I bought.

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