Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quick chatter post

Hey Guys,

I have been busy with school and really just want to stay away from the tech world for a bit, so there have not been much any blog activity lately. Today, I just want to post up a very quick chatter post (still no name for this type of post yet) with a question that have been in my mind for a while now (ever since I turn my life to the beauty world).
What is your dream makeup palette (From Face to Eyes)?
I am not talking about the palettes that already existed out there. I want to know that if you can create your own makeup palette, what would be the products in there. How would the palette look like? Why do you choose the products you want in this palette? And if there is a company such as Mac, Coastal Scent, Urban Decay, etc... let you make your own palette, would you do it? 

For me, there have been times where I wish I can purchase my own palette from a lot of makeup brand. Have you ever buy a palette, just a small may be 4-6 pan eye shadows, and wish that you can take out a color that you do not like, or the ones with bad quality? I sure am for 100s of time. I tend to buy some small palettes of eye shadows and end up liking only may 2 or 3 of the shadows in it. Or sometimes, when I see a review of a palette, I wish that I can just take out the ones with bad quality and substitute them with the ones that I prefer. I do not own any of the 88 palette from Coastal Scent, but I have so many time tempted to make a purchase. I know that their shadows have good quality, but I realized that there are a lot of color in the palette that I will never use. Or I wish that they can combine both matte and shimmer shadows in one palette. 

Soo....what would be my dream makeup palette? I definitely would choose a 88 palette that combine neutral and colorful eye shadows with matte and shimmery finish. What would be the best is I can choose the color I want and would need for everyday use and versatile for most events. I realized that something that is simple can be very sophisticated. We can wear a very neutral eye look and dress it up with an eyeliner, fake lashes, or black shadows at the outer corners for a fun party look. 

This is something I wish that can happen in real life....so What do you guys think? I love to hear from you...


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