Saturday, September 25, 2010

Need Help and quick saving at RiteAid

First, I just want to tell you guys to head over to Rite Aid right away to get Wet n' Wild deal. They are having 3/$1.95 on all of the $.99 items. I believe that it will end tomorrow 9/25. So please please head over to RA and get this awesome deal. I caved in and got 3 items and there will be haul, review, and swatches soon.

Now, I need all of you guys to help teach me blog 101. I am trying to fix up my blog a bit by adding some more feature. Can you guys tell me which I need to add and may be how I can add them? I am so clueless at blog design and it take me forever to learn. I do not have much time. So if you guys can give me a hand, I will appreciated this a lot.

Thanks everyone.


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