Saturday, November 6, 2010

Profusion and Color Workshop can be found at....

Hey Bellas,

I want to do a very very quick post to tell you guys what I spotted at Walgreens for the last couple of days. I went to Walgreens to take the advantage of 50% off Wet n' Wild Cosmetic which you guys should b/c it ends today.

I was surprised that two of the Walgreens I went to are beggining to display a lot of holiday gift sets. Ranging from $10+ with variety of beauty products. What I found that is so interesting is Profusion cosmetic products are now available at Walgreens. I have heard of this brand once or twice, and know that it is available to buy on I also have heard that some people have spotted Profusion at their local Walgreens recently. However, I have not seen it at all until a couple days ago. I have two pics that I quickly snap before the security come by, so I am sorry if it is really blurry. The only thing I know about this cosmetic line is it has very cheap prices. I have not try them before, so I don't know its quality. However, I am hoping to try it soon.

                                                                             12 shadow pallete for $.99
                                       This pallete for only $9.99??

So tell me what you think guys? Do you guys want to try it out? Does it look interesting to you? 
Do you think that the quality of this will not be as good? 

Well, also, I am sorry because I could not took some pics for The Color Workshop products. I was not really interesting in them because I have some old eye shadows from the Color Workshop and I do not like them. I actually never seen TCW any where in drugstores before, but I might be wrong. This is the first time I seen it at Walgreens. I actually do not know where to buy it before now. I got those old ones as a gift. Anyways, TCW are sold as gift sets also. The price starting at $2.99. Their gift set includes eyes and face makeup, and also nail polishes. If you guys decide to buy any, please comment below. 

I have no idea if this two brands are only available as Holiday Limited Edition or not, so any of you friends should snatch it if it called out to you. hee hee. For me, I need to get some money in before I can spend on any..

Thanks for reading guys. Leave any comment below please. 



  1. Congratulations! You won my lipo in a box giveaway! Please email me at with the high waist size you want and your name and address. Thank you!

  2. I did get two of those 99 cent palettes. I wore them yesterday and they were pretty good. Nice pigmentation, very soft. But because they are soft you could get fallout on your cheeks swiping it on. What I did was pat it on my lids first, then blend and I didn't get any fallout.

    It doesn't last as long as some better shadows, after 4 hrs I got a little fading so I touched it up and then I was good to go for the rest of the day. I love shimmers, and I love the colors.

    One last thing, look real close, some of them have chunky glitter. I'd avoid those ones since you'll probably have glitter falling down your face and into your eyes all day and glitter is hard to remove. I think there was three palettes with glitter and three without.

  3. @Donna

    Donna, you know what? I did bought 2 of these and kinda get it for free actually. If you look on Nouveau Cheap, this week, Wagg have the 2/$5 on Degree and Dove deodorant and $2 RR back. So I take this opp and buy two of this $.99 palettes. I am surprised at the pigmentation, it is really better than I thought. Though I know it won't last long, but I think it's Ok for touch up, and for me I don't wear makeup a lot so I love the price and the quality. And I totally agree with you, I hate the fall out and especially the chunky glitter one. But the chunky glitter seem to be just on the top layer, after the first use I notice that there are no chunky glitter after that. What is left behind is more matte rather than shimmery shadows. I love it!! You might be more experience than me, so do you know whether or not Profusion and Kleancolor come from the same maker? I have a palette from Kleancolor, and literally, it looks so much like Profusion. I was doubting at first to buy the palette b/c the shadow, the application, and the packaging look exactly like Kleancolor. However, the quality of the Profusion shadows are just a bit better. Hard to describe, but I just feel it is better. Oh... I am in a middle of a situation, I kinda want to get the big profusion shown above, but I also want to get the 100 elf palette. I have no idea which one I should get eventhough the price is the same. Hmm?? Since you have tried the 32 palette...Do you like it??