Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another Update of my life....

Hi my lovely Bellas!!

I missed you guys so much!! I am sorry that I have not update more post on my blog, but please bare with me. I truly do not have time right now because school is a pain in my.... It is almost come to an end of this semester, so projects, papers, and finals are keep coming like crazy. However, I feel so happy and light because a very good news had came to me. I will tell you guys soon and might have a little surprised for all of my bellas.

Well, I want to post a lot of new post on here, but it takes me a lot of time. But, I promise that in about 3 more weeks, I will be free to do major blogging with you guys. Here is what will be coming up:
_ Huge collective haul
_ Review for Wet N' Wild
_ Follow up products review
_ Review for Maybelline Studio
_ Tip and tutorial
_ Review for Profusion eye makeup
_ Good News and a surprised!
_ My first experience...!
_ Review for Valentinekisses
_ Review for Vivalanails
_ Review for L.A Color Craze nail polishes
_ Review for NYC
And may be more....

I know the list is huge, but I am hoping I will be able to do it. I promised that the minute that I finish my last day of school for this semester, I will get home right away and start blogging.

I also want to ask you guys to help me with choosing from these options. If I have $25, from what three categories below should I choose?
_ E.L.F
_ N.Y.C
_ Wet N' Wild
_ or other drugstore makeup?
( I want to buy NYX so bad because I have not own any, but shipping is a least, elf always have discount code.) (Also, if you guys have tried any products from these brands, can you recommended which item I should buy?)
I love all of the brands above because I can buy more decent--> good quality products. I know $25 is not much, but it would be nice to know how I can spend it wisely. Hope you guys can help me!!

I am on a major shopping spree, but I am saving money at the same time. I still am trying to add more to the collective haul. I just have been into makeup so much, I gone crazy shopping. I need new clothes to wear on the holiday, but some how cheap makeup just make me go crazy!!

This is all for now, if I found any good sale or cheap finds, I will continue to keep updating for you guys.

Thanks for dropping by, and comment below.


  1. I don't know if you have tried the creme stick blushes from NYC, if you haven't I would get at least one of those. For ELF instead of ordering from the website, go to Target if you have one nearby, they have a few limited edition goodies that might be worth picking up. Get the 32 or 100 eyeshadow palette if you are lucky enough to find them! The only bad I have heard is that the one kit with the two eyeshadow trios isn't very good, the eyeshadows in those is chalky. I think you would be better off getting the "book" shadows, they have a very nice one for smokey eyes.

    PS. This is Donna. I'm signed into my family mailbox at google instead of my own.

  2. @TripleJ63

    Hi Donna,

    Thanks for telling me all this, I had try the creme stick blushes from NYC, and OMG I do love love love it. And for elf, sadly, my Target have limited products. I could not buy anything much beside from $1 line and $3 line.