Friday, March 19, 2010

A true story that touch your heart to treasure love...

I want to share with you guys a story that I have read on Cinthia Truong via

I do not know why and how, I suddenly remember her blog. I have been reading her blog even before I know what blog is and before I make my own blog. She is my first guru that I learned how to do hair from. Tonight, I was just wondering around on the web and suddenly remember that I have save her blog link on my Fav list. I forgot about her for a while (must have been a year or so) now since she was not updating much information, and I was also busy with school. Now I came back and so many things have changed. Ooh I should catch up to her blog.

Anyways, this story really touch my heart and it makes me cry while reading it. I think some of you might have read it before, but I want to put it up anyways. This story really make me think about love. We should always treasure love and be happy of what you have and be happy no matter who you are. This is so touching that make me wish my love with someone will be eternal and my love for someone will never end (I don't have a boyfriend, just wishing this for the future...hee hee). I will post the link here so you can go to Cinthia's blog.


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