Saturday, March 20, 2010

Prom and dance season!! Are you ready?

I know that I am already in college, but it's never hurt to put up some ideas for highschool girls. I went on to Seventeen Magazine website and was just looking for any update on hair tutorials. Somehow I click on the prom tabs. Ha haha. THen I was surprised of an article title "Prom dresses under $100". Lately, I think prom dresses have became more simple, but still elegant. And definitely cute for you to wear to prom. Some dresses can be interchangeable to any events. You can either dress up by adding bold or simple accessories, elegant hairstyles, and wear heels or wedges. You can dress down by wearing shirts underneath the dress and add leggings, jeans, shorts, permuda or capris; wearing shoes such as flats, pumps,boots, or sandals; have normal straight hair; pair with a big slouchy handbag; there you can have fun going shopping with your friends. However, depending on the theme of the dance, you might want to find more expensive dresses to fit the occasion. Here is just a general ideas for those who want to save money and still get pretty dresses. I am big on saving money, and big on getting quality out of items that I purchased. I know $100 is a lot of money, but most of the dresses that I saw on several websites are around $50. Isn't the price still a good deal? So I'll put some pictures here and also the links to websites where you can buy them.

First off, Wetseal:

Scarf Print Tank Dress - Teen Clothing by Wet Seal

Ballerina Sequin Dress - Teen Clothing by Wet Seal

Charlotte Russe:

Charlotte Russe - Black Floral Tube Dress

Charlotte Russe - Striped Contrast Tube Dress

Hot Miami Styles: (most of the dresses are so revealing, I have to choose those that are not)

Fuchsia Satin Knee Length Dress

Trendy Clothes for Women | Fashionable Clothes | Nightclub Clothes

Trendy Clothes for Women | Fashionable Clothes | Nightclub Clothes

Forever 21 - Dresses - 2079408024 - Dresses - 2072722986 - Dresses - 2071723365


I'm A Lady Dress - $37.00 : Fashion Solid Color at

Silver Screen Dress - $37.00 : Fashion Solid Color at

Lincoln Center Dress - $46.00 : Fashion Strapless at


strapless-polka-dot-tie-back-dress BLACK WHITE -

belted-rose-print-strapless-dress BLACK WHITE -




Finally I am done with the whole list. It take me like 2 hours to put all of this together. Hope you guys like it.

Thanks and see ya. I'll probably post another post for Prom hair, makeup, and accessories ideas.

Have a nice day.


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