Friday, December 18, 2009

Woo hoo Finally Done with School!!

Hi everybody,

I am so glad that I am finish with school and officially have no more classes. Well, just for the winter break. I been so busy the last few days because of final and essay. I wish that I can come back to change my grade, but I guess it is too late. I am not doing that bad in school though. It is not straight As that is all. Oh well I am pretty excited about Christmas. This year it comes so much faster. I just had my birthday about two weeks ago. Now it is almost Christmas.

This year my family have not done any Christmas shopping at all. We are really on the budget because my dad does not work and my mom is only working part time. Well, not many of my family members buy present anyways. For a few years now, Christmas for our big family was just being together and having a great dinner.

This year I feel the urge to shop on E.L.F. If you guys do not know what it is, it is just a website that sell super super cheap makeup products, but with quality. I want it so bad because how can you beat makeup that is $1 and up. They do carried some of the more expensive products, but with their $1 line you will be crazily happy.I am still making my decision on what to buy though..ha ha

So about you guys...Are you done with school? How has your Christmas shopping been? Are you doing anything fun with friends and family? Are you going somewhere outside of you city or state? And how many presents have you recieved? Because for me I have none..Hoo hoo

Alright see you guys later...Have a nice day!


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