Thursday, January 20, 2011

May be this is the last time....?!?

Hi all of my beautiful viewers,

I finally have the time to sit down and think about my blog. I am truly sorry for neglecting my blog in the past couple months. I just have been very busy with school, family, and work, so extra activities became so limited for me. Today, I have the time to really think about my decision and so I am writing this to explain it to you. I believe I have not tell you guys the news and I will, and the news will somewhat explain why I am writing this.

If you guys read my profile " About me", you guys know that I am just a college student majoring in Nursing and hoping to get a B.S Register Nurse. Well, my school is one of the hardest Nursing school in the state. All students have to apply to the Nursing program to be able to study for Nursing. Many of my friends quit early or they switched to another major when they were taking prerequisites before applying to the program. For me, I was stubborn, I felt that I had no choice and I continued to do it even when I knew it will be the hard road to walk on or there are chances that I will not get into the program at all. While taking all the prerequisites, all I worried about was the chances for getting into the program. The program is impacted and every semester, it only accepts 60-65 students into the program out of may be up to nearly 200 applications. What even worse is because of high standard requirements, there are chances that students might not eligible to even apply to the program even though they have taken all the prerequisite classes for Nursing. Well, the road to reach to the application process has been a very rough road for me. I was delayed many times, but I keep trying hard to reach the goal that I want. Well, it took me long enough because the week before Thanksgiving, I received the acceptance letter from the Nursing program!!!! It was the best moment in my life. I never ever thought that I would make it this far. And never before I feel so proud of myself. To many people, they think that it is not a big success, but despite all those negative comments I said to myself that I did it!! Now I feel that it is a new beginning for me, the road to become an RN is near but far, it is hard, but doable, and it is crazy, but worth it!!! I now need to completely setting my mind into the career for my life. I need to make sure to avoid the mistakes that I made and stay away from many to come. Yes, it will take me longer to get the degree, but I believe that it's never too late at all.

Because of the good news, it makes my holiday even more special. Never in my life I feel free and light. However, there are so many things that I need to take care for as I am starting the program. In the last blog post, I promised with you guys that I will do major blogging as I get off for my winter break, but there were so much going on, I just could not. I am really sorry and million times sorry for breaking all those promises. Please understand and accept my apology. I have all products to do what I promised, but I never have the time to take pictures and editing post and writing them. Now in this letter, I would like to tell you guys that I will not be able to continue blogging anymore. I don't want to make this an official good bye because I never know if it will be the forever and ever good bye to you guys. I treasure everyone of you and treasure the support that you guys have been giving me. I don't really want to say official good bye when I might come back to blog on some free time I have over the next holidays or coming up summer days. I am also writing this because right now I am struggling with money for Nursing. Therefore, I will not be able to do updates for you guys until when I have enough.

This might be the last post in a very long time, so I just want to again thanks my bellas and gurus for encouraging me to do what I like. I love what I have done so far on this blog, and I am always learning new things to improve my posts. Even though I have so little followers, I still love everyone of you guys and thank you for sticking with me all of this time. I wish you all the best, may things that you want may go as well as you wish, and hoping you will always reach the goals that you have in life.

                                                                     Take Care, Sincerely
                                                                          Nancy Pham

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  1. Hi Nancy, My sister went through the nursing program in Connecticut and it was super difficult but the best decision she ever made in her life. She is happy in her career and she knows she will always have a job, there is a nursing shortage throughout the country! So keep up the good work, it will be hard but worth it in the end.

    Don't worry about blogging, you have more important things going on in your life, and I wish you well. I think it would be nice to see you commenting around the blogs when you have a few moments to spare to read your favorites. But yeah, blogging can be so time consuming, and most of us can not be dedicated to it because other parts of our lives are too demanding.