Friday, June 4, 2010

I got addicted....It is like a drug!!!

Hi my friends,

Do not get fool by my title...

I am so sorry for not posting anything on my blog. I have been lazy, and I have been a bit busy, but not that busy. When summer hit, time just fly by super super fast. It is just that I been sleeping at my grandma's house for nearly a week, since my grandpa is visiting Vietnam. My grandma is afraid to live alone. She just does not want to stay at my house; therefore, I was stuck at my grandma's house. I was TV and internet deprived at nights. My first two nights were uncomfortable, it is not that I am not used to sleeping at a strange place, but it is that I have to sleep on the sofa and it was so uncomfortable in someway. AND BTW, it was just totally unpleasant to sleep in her house. It is stinky with a molded smell (so hard to describe), and it was super hot. It is not hot outside, it was cool--> cold side, but her house was simply stuffy. I did not complain since I do not want to be disrespectful. Since there are no access to TV (my grandma do not want to me to watch it after 10 b/c she afraid it bothers her neighbor, which I am surprised how they could hear the TV when it was only 3 bars of volume) and internet, book is my last resort. Ha haha. As I told you guys before, I am not a book person. The only books that I ever read throroughly and simply love were Harry Potter. Yep, I love it, and I read all seven books. I have not watch the last couple movies that came out, but the books were excellent. And all my friends were amazed how I could stand it. No one like it and everyone gave up after the first two. Hahaha. I just love things that is mystery and romantic and magical.

Well since the opportunity knock, I decided to read Twilight. Yes! I know!!! I am so late because everyone else has read them already. And everyone is raving about the new movie. I know huh? ; P  I am always one step behind in everything. To tell you friends the truth, I have never touch the book nor watch any of the movie. I don't know why it was not interest me back then. I was simply ignoring it when everyone raved about it. I know that it is about vampire, which I do love, but I just simple not interested. NOW It is like a drug to me, I read in three days and I just freakkking love it. No words can describe how great it is. It makes me forget TV and internet. I just could not stop putting the book down. It is so addicting. It just that heated, dangerous, forbidden love that make me so into it. I love vampire more than ever before. Why do they always make vampires so sexy, mysterious, and lovely? I finished the book today and I just want to screamm. I just want to yellllllllll out loud. I cannot believe that I did not read the books before. I could not believe that I was interested in Vampire, but I did not want to read the books. Have anyone ever watch the whole series of MOON LIGHT? It is a television series, not movie. I was in love with it because there was vampires in it, but the series ended after just two seasons and I was hecka mad.

Now Twilight saga is my favorite. I just read the first book and it was amazing. It makes me want to fall in love with a vampire, it makes me desire for a vampire boyfriend, it makes me feel so hot when I read about Bella and Edward. I am sooo looking forward for the other three. I do not want to read it so fast because I do not want it to end. I heard the last book was really good, so hopefully I will get to read it by the end of the summer.

For real, it is an addiction and a craving that I could not stand. I yearn for more and more. It is truly a phenomenon. Love it!! And the book makes me forgot about things around me...hahaha


  1. haha aww glad you decided to start reading :) I read the twilight series when it came out and waiting for the next book to come out in stores was painnnnnful! :) Have you watched the movies yet? To be honest, i really didnt like the first one.. but i loved the second one! Helloo taylor! ;) hahaha have fun reading the rest of the series! it gets super intense! :D

    p.s: other than taylor, the books are SO much better :D

  2. @xAgnes

    Hee hee I will have to read all of them...I truly cannot wait. I have not watch any movie yet. I heard the first one is Ok, too...not that great. I think I'll wait until I read all of it and then rent out the first two movies. I doubt it not as good as the book though. Sometimes it so weird when we read the book and imagine it to be more intense and magical than the movie suppose to be. The movie should portray the book, but it never does. Just like Harry Potter.

  3. I never read them or saw the movie either! I don't think I will though...