Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hi my lovely friends,

I am so sorry that I have not been making any blog post. I have some makeup that I need to do review on and swatches. The reason for my lack of blogging is I got a job! I am so happy to finally get to work. For like 3 years in college, I need a job to spend on misc things in school. My parents keep complaining that I was being lazy, but I was not. I applied to certain places multiple times. I tried to look for jobs in the mall, but I just never catch the right time. Plus, somehow I was afraid of being a cashier. I am not so good at communicating with others. I tend to mumble or stumble on words, which makes it so embarrassing for me. Finally, I have a far aunt who accepted me into her restaurant. Oddly enough, I am doing pretty well as a cashier. I am a bit slow with money, but I am not that bad with talking to the customer and introducing them with items that served in the restau. I am still trying to learn the menu, but there are nearly like more than 100 items on the menu, so I think it gonna take me a while.

Also, I have to admit that I am guilty for not wanting to blog. I work for 7h/day and when I get home, my leg was aching for standing so much. However, I do not mind how hard my work is, all  I care about for this moment is to finish the last book from Twilight saga. I am truly love all the books. The last book is taking a bit longer since there is a lot of information I want to absorb in. I also believe that it's going to be the hardest book out of all three to make the movie from. I heard that they will split the last book into 2 movies, and all I hope is they will not take any important scene out of the book. I think the movies will have to be rated R. Hahaa.

Lastly, I will try to blog this weekend on products I gotten for a while now. I cannot take picture at night with my camera, the color will be wash out.

I also want to update on my giveaway. I hope everyone will enter. So far not many people did. However, nothing will be change, I will randomly pick the winner from the number of people who entered. It will end on the date that announced. I will try to send out the package as soon as possible after the winner is announced on my blog.

Alright all my lovely, I need to prepare myself for work. I hope you guys have a nice day. Enjoy your summer, so sure that I am. hee hee

Thanks and Goodbye 

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  1. Congrats on your job! I was a cashier too, and for the most part it was not bad unless I was serving old white ladies; they are so mean! I hope your job is better! Don't feel bad about not blogging, we're all still here for you!