Monday, January 4, 2010

Zoya Fun nails

Hey there,

I am having a big Winter Break from school, so I have some time at home to kinda play around. I was kinda bored and decided to do my nails. The idea was from ericaleung13 on Youtube ( ). Please check her out...she is really cool. I seen this tutorial long time ago, but did not have any dark nail polish. Since I recieved the Zoya nail polish from, the color remind me of the tutorials, so I went back to watch it. I don't have steady hand, so my tip for you guys is to use tape.
1. Cut a small strip of tape
2. Tape it diagnosely to your nails (Remember to apply the tape to the skin first if your tape is really sticky)
3. It is best to apply a base coat, so it will prevent staining of your nails.
4. The silver lines are from L.A color thin brush (I got a few of them at Dollar Tree. I don't know if it still in stock, you guys should check it out. Also I believe it is the cheapest price you can find for this nail polish.)
5. Do not have thin brush or nail art brush, use painting brushes or toothpicks (they are sure cheaper and can be use to apply any nail polish you owned)
6. Last but not least, be creative with the design and colors.


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