Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another Update of my life....

Hi my lovely Bellas!!

I missed you guys so much!! I am sorry that I have not update more post on my blog, but please bare with me. I truly do not have time right now because school is a pain in my.... It is almost come to an end of this semester, so projects, papers, and finals are keep coming like crazy. However, I feel so happy and light because a very good news had came to me. I will tell you guys soon and might have a little surprised for all of my bellas.

Well, I want to post a lot of new post on here, but it takes me a lot of time. But, I promise that in about 3 more weeks, I will be free to do major blogging with you guys. Here is what will be coming up:
_ Huge collective haul
_ Review for Wet N' Wild
_ Follow up products review
_ Review for Maybelline Studio
_ Tip and tutorial
_ Review for Profusion eye makeup
_ Good News and a surprised!
_ My first experience...!
_ Review for Valentinekisses
_ Review for Vivalanails
_ Review for L.A Color Craze nail polishes
_ Review for NYC
And may be more....

I know the list is huge, but I am hoping I will be able to do it. I promised that the minute that I finish my last day of school for this semester, I will get home right away and start blogging.

I also want to ask you guys to help me with choosing from these options. If I have $25, from what three categories below should I choose?
_ E.L.F
_ N.Y.C
_ Wet N' Wild
_ or other drugstore makeup?
( I want to buy NYX so bad because I have not own any, but shipping is a least, elf always have discount code.) (Also, if you guys have tried any products from these brands, can you recommended which item I should buy?)
I love all of the brands above because I can buy more decent--> good quality products. I know $25 is not much, but it would be nice to know how I can spend it wisely. Hope you guys can help me!!

I am on a major shopping spree, but I am saving money at the same time. I still am trying to add more to the collective haul. I just have been into makeup so much, I gone crazy shopping. I need new clothes to wear on the holiday, but some how cheap makeup just make me go crazy!!

This is all for now, if I found any good sale or cheap finds, I will continue to keep updating for you guys.

Thanks for dropping by, and comment below.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Profusion and Color Workshop can be found at....

Hey Bellas,

I want to do a very very quick post to tell you guys what I spotted at Walgreens for the last couple of days. I went to Walgreens to take the advantage of 50% off Wet n' Wild Cosmetic which you guys should b/c it ends today.

I was surprised that two of the Walgreens I went to are beggining to display a lot of holiday gift sets. Ranging from $10+ with variety of beauty products. What I found that is so interesting is Profusion cosmetic products are now available at Walgreens. I have heard of this brand once or twice, and know that it is available to buy on I also have heard that some people have spotted Profusion at their local Walgreens recently. However, I have not seen it at all until a couple days ago. I have two pics that I quickly snap before the security come by, so I am sorry if it is really blurry. The only thing I know about this cosmetic line is it has very cheap prices. I have not try them before, so I don't know its quality. However, I am hoping to try it soon.

                                                                             12 shadow pallete for $.99
                                       This pallete for only $9.99??

So tell me what you think guys? Do you guys want to try it out? Does it look interesting to you? 
Do you think that the quality of this will not be as good? 

Well, also, I am sorry because I could not took some pics for The Color Workshop products. I was not really interesting in them because I have some old eye shadows from the Color Workshop and I do not like them. I actually never seen TCW any where in drugstores before, but I might be wrong. This is the first time I seen it at Walgreens. I actually do not know where to buy it before now. I got those old ones as a gift. Anyways, TCW are sold as gift sets also. The price starting at $2.99. Their gift set includes eyes and face makeup, and also nail polishes. If you guys decide to buy any, please comment below. 

I have no idea if this two brands are only available as Holiday Limited Edition or not, so any of you friends should snatch it if it called out to you. hee hee. For me, I need to get some money in before I can spend on any..

Thanks for reading guys. Leave any comment below please. 


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sorry Mom and Dad! I turned my sister into Wilma Flintstones!!

Hey everyone,

I know that Halloween has already past, but I thought that it would be cool to share some pictures of the costume that I made for my sisters. This year is her last Halloween year for trick or treating, though, I think that she has past that age a long time ago. However, since this is her last year of high school, I thought that I should help her make it the best year of her life. I want her to have fun because I did not get to have fun on my senior year of HS.

Well, this year I made the Wilma Flintstones costume with my sister's help, of course. I don't know if any still remember that cartoon, I actually live past it and can only remember how the Flintstones look like. I never seen the real episode before. Both of us was super busy the week of Halloween, so this was very last minute. We did everything by hand since we do not have a sewing machine. I thought that the costume turned out well. People did recognized her as Wilma (Asian version I guess). It was easy to make (though we did came across some difficulties). Hope you guys like it. I should take the picture of the hair I did for her,but her hair is too black, it was hard to see the details.

Thanks for tuning in.