Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hurrry UPPP!!

Hey guys,

I just want to leave you guys a quick message that I am still here, and I am not leaving my blog forever. It is just that I have been working so much I just simply wear out everyday when I get home. Therefore, I do not have anytime to post up any thing new. Right now...I want to give you guys a quick news....Anyone who wants free shipping and a free gift from e.l.f then please head to eyeslipsface.com. I know that you won't save much with regular price items, but when you consider that there will be no shipping cost, you will save at least $7. Anyways....what you need to do is buy any item  that add up to $10 worth and apply the code TA2M for free shipping & a free gift. I don't know if every gift will be the same for every order but I know that mine is the new studio cream eyeliner in Ivory. Hey!! That cost $3 so I won't mind at all for buying $10 worth of products. I cannot wait for my products to come in!!!

This is a very late message to everyone and I am so sorry that while I am typing this, I think you guys have about a little less than one day to shop. Please forgive me for the late message. I did not know when it starts and I jus got the news yesterday.

Thanks guys...Au Revoir...


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