Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Physician Formula Review and Swatches

Smokey Brown eyes collection (left) ; Enhanced Hazel eyes Pop collection (right)

Hey everyone,

I have been wanting to do a review of Physician Formula Shimmering Strips for a long time. These are the pictures that I took long ago when I purchased these products. So...Let's go straight into what I think about these products 

1. Very nice and appealing packaging. The cases are very sturdy.
2. Come in great variety of sets for individual eyes color and each set have great variety of shadows.
3. You can create smokey or neutral eyelooks within one set.
4. Though all shadows seem to be shimmery, some appear to be more frosty or matte (which I like!). 
5. Available at Target or Drugstores near you. 
6. More color in one pallete, which is easier to carry around.
7. Color is easy to blend, but don't blend out too hard.

1. A little bit expensive around $10 per pallete, but I got a coupon for BOGOFree
2. Some shadows are very pigmented, but some are not. Some are just disappear when you blend the color. 
3. I prefer the Smokey collection rather the Hazel eyes because the color appear like how it looks. 
4. Though Hazel eyes has color that can be use for everyday. (which is not really a cons)
5. Require eye primer and a base to make the color really pop.
6. I notice that these won't last that long on my lids (throughout the day) since I have oily lids and folded lids.

Overall, I like it more than I hate it. I noticed that I used them more often for work. However, I will not repurchase it even if I have the money since I feel that with cheaper products I can still get the same effect.      


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