Saturday, February 6, 2010

Big Huge Haul and a Long Review!!!

Hey Bellas,

So as what I said in the last post, this is going to be my huge haul. In each slide show, I will give a review and where I got it from. So hope you guys enjoy this.

So first is the Nail polishes

I have bought most of these nail polishes. If you see my previous post, I win the Zoya nail polish from Pursebuzz. I got the Sally Hansen Confetti from my best friend as Christmas present. And the rest is just my collection.

I really love Zoya. Their quality is excellent. It is easy to apply and it has staying power. However, the price is steep...$7/bottle. It is not fit for my pocket.

I also love my Sinful Colors. This is one of the first ones I bought with my own money. This is a sheer pink glittery polish. It is like a top coat, but with very smooth fleck of glitter. I cannot describe it, but it is not chunky flecks in there. I love it a lot because it dry fast, stay strong, and is great for french nails too. There are several ways you can use this. Oh I forgot, this was $1.99 at Walgreen. I will be looking forward to buy more color from this brand.

Alright onto Sally Hansen. I do not know what you guys think, but Sally Hansen is not really my favorite brand of nail polish. Both my friend and my cousin own some of the more expensive line from them, but I still think they are ok. the SH Confetti is just a great top coat because it is just fun to have. I prefer not to wear chunky glitter nail polishes. It is a bit hard when you clean your nail. The four other nail polishes came from Dollar Tree. I just purchased it yesterday. They came in a pack of 2 for only $1. I was so excited. I love all of the colors so much. However, I am disappointed in their quality. All of them are really streaky. I applied 3 coats on with the lighter pink and it still streaky. Moreover, it took me forever to let the polish dry. Now it dry it still have that sticky feel to it, and it got scratch easily. My thumb was chip when I took the picture. I want to give them to my friend, but now I can't. So No No No, please do not get them. I am not recommending these. Um may be the brushes are just simply not well made. hee hee =P

Umm...the L.A colors nail art polishes are excellent. I got them for $1 each and I believe it is the cheapest price you can find. I got them from Dollar Tree during Christmas. Man oh man, I should have buy more to stock up because it is so useful. I love the silver glitter the most. I would cry if I ran out since I bought it so cheap. ha ha.

On to E.L.F products. In my earlier post, I talked about ordering E.l.f, so this is the haul for it. Only one item is a prize, which is the eyeshadows. Well, when I ordered elf, I got a coupon code for free shipping with min purchase of $15. I split half with my friend. She got three items that I do not have picture of. However, it was the definition transparent powder, shine eraser, and eye primer (like mine).

I just start out with doing makeup, so I prefer to buy cheaper makeup products. I love elf because they have a whole line of $1 items. I can go crazy shopping there. The only thing that I do not like is the flat rate shipping, $6.99, which is Ok not great. The thing is they can sell it cheap because their items are smaller in quantity. However, many of their items have great quality. I have seen a lot of reviews on YT, and elf is great for begginers.

Ok...So first is the eyeshadows quad, I love it because purple is my favorite. You have to have a good primer because it can fade. It is great in pigmentation. It does have fall out, so tap your brushes before applying. The shadows might crumbles a bit, but overall it is great.

The cream eyeshadow is excellent as a base. You have to apply enough to get the pigmentation, but do not over do it because it can cause creasing. Overal I still love it.

The liquid lipstick is ok for me, but better for my sister. My lips is just have a darker pink tone, so when I applied on I cannot see any pigment at all. However, on my siter's lips, it look peachy pinky and very natural. In addition, I feel that there should be more products in the twisty tube. I think I won't get a lot of use out of it.

The lip plump is excellent. I do have to tell you that it will not hurt nor plump your lips. However, it gives you a sensation of coolness. Like having toothpaste on you lips. It is minty too. I love the color. My mom was asking where I got it. The pigmentation is great. However, you do need to reapply through out the day.

The lipgloss spf 15 is a must. I think I got the best deal out of the product. There are more products in the tube. The gloss is not sticky, and great when light reflect on it. The color of my new one is so similar to my old one. I don't know why...

Alright the eye primer is the must have. I love love love it. I know that it is not as best as their mineral eye primer, but I still think it worth the money to try it. I test it out for 5 hours, and it work on my cheap eyeshadows. No creasing at all, but fade just a little bit.

Last but not least, the two brushes. What can I say??? They are excellent. How can you beat $1 brush with good quality. I know it is nothing compare to Mac or Sigma, but you cannot beat the price. I saw a lot of recommendation for this, so I must try it out. I love the eyeshadow brush. It can actually blend or apply shadow to the crease. The blending brush is truly great for the crease or above the crease. You can blend a medium color to make your look have more dimension. I have Asian eye, so it does not work well as a crease brush for me.

So this is all of the L.A colors eyeshadows that I owned. I bought it with my own money in Dollar Tree. It is not the best makeup, but it still ok to use.

Overall, I think I will rate them about 7/10. Oddly, some color in each pallete is more pigmented than the others. Some are flaky and some do not have that much pigment. Especially the white one in the blue pallete. I do love their loose pigment though, they are so shimmery. However, I recomend you guys to use the elf cream eyeshadows for it to stick to.

Last but not least, the others products, let just say these are so random. I bought the crease brush from Target because I did not know when I can purchase elf, and yes it was cheap. However, I blame myself for washing the brush. I try to shape it back after I wash them, but it just lose its shape. It is not as taper as when I bought it.

As I said, the two pink brushes is from my mom, she does not wear eyeshadow, but do have brushes. I end up taking these two. It is what I been using before elf brushes. The eyeshadow brush can use as blending. The small one is just for detail work.

The Cover Girl Eyeslick gelcolor came as a pair from DT. I thought it would make a great eyeshadow base, but it does not. It did not blend easily. The orange one is really shimmery, but still hard to blend. It does not go on smoothly. I have to put a bit of pressure to glide it on. The purple one is just simply pigmented. I hate the packaging though because I cannot sharpen it. The pencil was too big. It is not twisty like NYX Jumbo pencil. And I tried to depot them after I took the picture, and oh no!! It was a disaster. Big OOOPPPSS!!

The H.I.P is just an nice creamy eyeliner. Well oviously, I believe it is above $7 for its price. My dad and I went to a Walgreen one day and just simply saw the clearance section with everything for 25cent. My dad bought a whole boxfull of stuff and which including some costmetic. I been using the brush in it. And I love it.

So there it is my huge haul and review. Let see if you can count how many "love" I wrote in this post. hahahaha. Hope this help.
Thanks for reading till the end.

See you guys in the next one.


  1. You said love 11 times, including the love in quotation marks in the last paragraph.

  2. ha haha...Yeah I guess I must have gone crazy.