Friday, February 26, 2010

Spotted at Dollar Tree!!!

Hey Everyone,

Finally, TGIF! I am so tired after a week of papers papers papers to write. I am so behind with readings in school, too. After this sleepless week (been staying up for 3 nights to write 3 papers , my fault for doing that last minute), I am glad that weekend have come. However, I feel that the weather is so dumb to dump all of this rain on Friday and probably the whole weekend. The last two days were so sunny, I wish I had sunblock to put on my horrible skin right now. No, I do not have any skin reaction, but I did have some minor burn on my face. My skin is just keep breaking out. I feel so horrible right now.

Anywhos, enough with rambling....I went to Dollar Tree yesterday. My favorite store in the whole world!!! beside Old Navy for clothes. Ha haha JK. I went in to buy some chips for my sister, and I had to check out the costmetic section. There are still those palletes from L.A colors. This time, I saw 12 ES in a pallete. I did not buy any because I was still using some of the palletes in my haul. My luck came when I saw that next to the makeup products are the nail art polishes from L.A colors. OMG, I was looking for it for a while now. Since the time I spotted these polishes in Dollar Tree, I kept coming back to look for more. However, they were out of stock. Now they put out a whole punch again, I am so happy. It ended up that I bought gold and silver glitter polishes and nail polish remover. I want to buy black, but I decided that I have not use the black polish yet so Nope.

If you guys are running out of these nail polishes, go to Dollar Tree. I bet that some Dollar Tree even have new costmetic products.

Thanks for reading.

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