Saturday, February 6, 2010

More updates!! What should I do?

Hey everyone,

Well after two weeks of school, I finally got back on track. There are so much to do this semester, so I am really swimming in the big ocean and trying to get on land. Nah JK. Ok, so I truly have a lot on hands this semester. I will try to be on schedule with everything. Anywhos, let move on to the beauty stuff.

I want to do a big haul and a bit of reviews on the next post. Wonder what you guys think? I will do it, but I really have to see which way I should do them. Picture or Slideshow? I have to think about the arrangement of how to do this. It is my first time, so I need more time. In my haul, I will be talking about E.L.F products, L.A colors products, Wet n' Wild nail polishes, Sally Hansen nail polishes, Zoya nail polishes, and a mix of others makeup brands. Mostly, what I thought about them, their quality, and whether or not I will repurchase any of them.I got some of my items from giveaways and gifts. I purchased the rest of them. Oh also, I am not an expert about beauty products and I am not a makeup artist. I am just a begginers trying to give my thought on beauty products and how to save money on them. FYI, I have learned a lot from other beauty gurus and I am just trying to retell what I have learned to help who just starting out like me. What funny about me is I do not where makeup to school or anywhere. Mostly, just face moisturizer, and foundation for skin protection. That is all, but I do know a bit more about makeup products overall.

Alright, thanks, I don't know when this big haul will be post up. Please look out for it. And have a very nice day. No more rain in my area!! Whoo hoo

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