Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some Good News!

Hey Guys

I just got this news from Noveau Cheap and want you guys to check out her post.

And please head to Walgreens to get these saving. I will definitely go tomorrow. Absolutely. I love it.

Also, I went shopping around, yesterday, and I dropped by Target and Walgreens. At my Target, they have not put in e.l.f products yet. However, it seems like they are trying to kinda reorganized Wet n' Wild and N.Y.C section. Some nail polishes from WnW and NYC were on clearance and as same as the makeup products. You might want to check out your Target.

At Walgreens, Wet n' Wild is now have its own huge section of items. Still not sure if the one near my school have it or not. However, the one I used to go to have it. The section doesn't look that attracting to me though, it seem like not many items updated. May be they are updating and reoganizing that section. Just make sure to check your Walgreens for new items.

That is pretty much all for this post.

Gotta do readings for classes.

Ciao Chao for now.


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