Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear Life

Dear Life,

Why do you make it hard for me to deal with you? Why everything you make is difficult for me to handle? I just want you to be simple. I just want things to be easy. I want you to go my way. Why are there so many obstacles in my way? Why do I get blame for things I did not do? Why do I have to do things I did not want to? Why can't I just be happy? Why is everyone treating me like this? Am I stupid? Am I not talented? Am I useless in this society? Can I do things I like to do? Can I not follow what others want? Can someone be proud of me? Can I get a compliment that I am beautiful from inside to outside? Can someone comfort me? Can someone tell me that I am doing great and just continue to try hard? Why is everyone so competitive? Why do you make everything about competition? Why am I always losing? Can someone love me for who I am? Why can't I be like others? Why do I have to try so hard and in the end I am still not as successful as the others? Why Why Why? Why are you so cruel to me?




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